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[+] Return the Glory
 [+] Dalanis Dimlane District
  [56][Group] Smash!
Expansion: Ch.III: The Elder Kingdoms
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: John Hoffman (RWdb) @ Dalanis Central District ( 55.4, 50.7 ) (Thunderhoof Hills)
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Icon - End Quest.png End: John Hoffman (RWdb)
 XP: 179,888
 TP: 17,988
 Gold: 3,496Gold 
The Elder Kingdoms

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.

You need to be at least Level 54 to receive this quest.

You need to be at least Level 48 to turn-in this quest.

This is a GROUP quest. Good luck.

Goals: Destroy the Mallen Brothers Gang City Base


This is the final quest in this section, and if you are at or about level 56 you will need at least a little help.

John Hoffman gives you Mallen Bandit City Base, examine it. Hail Chad Paier, then fight him and Concealed Mallen Bandits behind the house (in the very north of Abandoned District of Dalanis). All you need to do is kill Chad Paier.

Piecing Together the Truth
Return the Glory
Quest Series
Dalanis Dimlane District
Mother's Letter (RWdb)
Appreciation of the Lionheart Knights
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