Singing Box: Elle

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Starts: [63] Singing Box (RWdb)
This item comes from Singing Box
Chest 004.png
Singing Box: Elle
Unique Item
Cannot be sold
Elle: New owner, please don't lose Elle...
Start Singing Box
Right-click to use this item.

Please do not drop this item. A follow-up quest requires you to possess this item and be in Ghost Village in order to be triggered

This item is UNIQUE. You may not possess more than one!

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This box was at Moonlight Circus inside the circus caravan you ducked into when changing clothes.

Three times you will be encouraged to set down this box and, when you do, Elle can speak to you and start three quests.

  1. [63] Blue Eyes
  2. [63] Desire to Restore Memory
  3. [63] Elle's Request

Also, see the Land of Malevolence quest series.