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Sigils are effects that you gain from killing monsters. From time to time glowing magical symbols emerge from your defeated foes and hover over their corpses. Touch the symbol to gather the effect. These symbols grant the adventurer special powers for a short period of time. Not every fallen enemy will grant a sigil.

Icon Sigil Name Effect
AttackSigil.png Attack Sigil Increases power of physical attacks by 50% and physical damage by 20% for the duration of the effect.
MagicAttackSigil.png Magic Attack Sigil Raises magic attack by 20.0%
TalentSigil.png Talent Sigil Skill Points acquired by attacking creatures is increased by 50%
RegenSigil.png Regeneration Sigil Recovers 8.0% HP every 3 seconds.
ExpSigil.png Experience Sigil Experience gained is increased 20% for the duration of the effect.
DefenseSigil.png Defense Sigil Raises physical defense by 30.0%.
MagicDefSigil.png Magic Defense Sigil Increases magical defense by 30.0% for 2 minutes.