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Shout Skill war18-2.png
Warrior Primary only
Requires 30 rage
Instant Cooldown 120 Seconds
Stuns up to 5 targets in a range of 90 for 3.0 seconds.
Class Warrior
Type Primary only
Type Utility
School N/A
Cooldown 120 Seconds
Range Self
Area of Effect {{{aoe}}}
Other Information
Min. Level 26
Effect Type {{{effect}}}
Use Condition {{{condition}}}

Shout is an area of effect Stun skill learned by Warriors as early as level 26.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Warriors must have Surprise Attack raised to rank 20 before they can learn Shout. When a Warrior has Surprise Attack at rank 20 and is at least level 26, he or she will learn Shout.

  • Despite its high cooldown, Shout is lauded among players as being an on-demand AOE Stun, useful for both survival purposes and almost necessary for PVP situations.