Sharptooth Settlement

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Sharptooth Settlement
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Zone Vortis
Expansion Ch.VII: Legacy of the Soulless
Resources Sea Crystal [RP], Bald Fir Wood [RP], Moon Grass [RP], Kandi Tree [RP], Argyrite [RP], Shell Flower [RP]
Quest Series Vortis, The Spirits of Despair
Location in the very northern point of Boundless Dune


While this is a safe place, guarded against the terrors outside it's stout walls, initially there are quest starters here. That ends when you start [100] The Boundless Dune Canine Settlement which moves the Hand of Balance up to this camp. However, the camp personnel does not contain any merchants except for the Black Codex Merchants.

Black Codex

The information on this page relates to recipes and gear available from the Black Codex vendors at Sharptooth Settlement in Vortis in exchange for ancient mementos. See the Sharptooth Settlement page for more information.

Ancient Mementos are dropped from Dungeon Bosses in Heart of the Ocean and higher dungeons.

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