Sarlo (Quest Series)

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Sarlo (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneSarlo
Rec. Levels82 to 85
Previous Syrbal Pass
Next Wailing Fjord
See alsoQuest Series
Beginning with Tergothen Bay, mobs may have a ball of energy visible below, around or above their heads. This is the visual clue that they have a buff on them that makes them harder than the unmarked mobs around them. The color of the ball tells you what effect is on the mob.

Only mobs that display one of these four effects have a chance to drop a Mysterious Bag.

Effect In-game Description/Effects XP/TP
Arduous Arduous Arduous received damage reduced by half
Takes half incoming damage
Empower Empower Empower damage increase
Hits you harder
Frenzy Frenzy Frenzy attack speed increase
Hits you more often
Tenacious Tenacious Tenacious increased hit points
Takes more damage to kill, hits a little harder
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Multi-Zone Quest Series[edit | edit source]

Regional Events[edit | edit source]

Titles[edit | edit source]

Zone Completion Title: Balanzasar Vanquisher - Complete all of the above titles.

Armor Sets[edit | edit source]

Dawn (level 81)

Rewarded by quests in the Dawn of War quest series (except as noted) in Sarlo. Each armor type has it's own set name but collectively we will refer to them as the Dawn set.

Proper Names

Source Quests

Patrace Woodland[edit | edit source]

unlocked by Wood Raid Team
Tisku [Angren Commando] • Secret Order Secret Order (dropped by Ayven Lyndbo)

  1. [81] Confused Woodland - Kill 10 Zurhidon Pyromancers
  2. [81] Destroying Firearms - Destroy Zurhidon Limber and Zurhidon Gunpowder Box, and bring back Salvageable Ammunition ×10 and Zurhidon Limber ×2
  3. [81] Kill the Leaders - Kill Ayven Lyndbo
    • He drops Secret Order Secret Order which starts the fourth and final quest
  4. [81] Who is Kolanda? - Deliver the Secret Order Secret Order to Tisku

Justynn [Harpy]

  1. [81] The Protector of the Elemental Throne? - Gather Wormwood Leaf Wormwood Leaf ×10 from Wormwood Leaf and Wild Crystal Wild Crystal ×5 from Raw Crystal Lode
  2. [81] Dispelling Evil - Use the Protection Crystal Protection Crystal on 10 Weakened Charmed Guardians (becomes a Forest Guardian)
    • Threshhold is 30% HP. You need to stun or root the Harpy to back away from it or it will interrupt your attempt to dispel it.
  3. [81] Feather Divination - Collect Guardian Feather ×10, then ask Justynn to perform the divination
  4. [81] A Suspicious Place - Go to the Throne of the Earth and look for anything suspicious

Adelynt [Benevolent Tree Spirit]

  1. [81] Continuing a Friendship - Get Tree Spirit Core from Yashteroy
  2. [81] Elixir of Life - Get Forest Dew ×10 from Sunlight Flowers
  3. [81] Incubation of Soil - Get Earth Elemental Essence ×10 from Uncontrolled Earth Elementals
  4. Repeatables:

Patrace Woodland Hunter's Camp[edit | edit source]


Crafting Stations:

Warning!!! There is one Angry Tree Spirit that occasionally paths right through the middle of this camp. This is NOT, therefore, a safe place to go AFK!

Lunkett [Angren Commando]

Angren Watchtower[edit | edit source]

Lasya [Angren Commando]

  1. [81] Craving for Meat - Gather Fresh Meat Fresh Meat ×15 from Sarlo Hardhorn
  2. Repeatables:

Wall of Patrace[edit | edit source]

Hayenlis [Fellowship of the Holy Stone Elite Soldier]

Ritoloya [Silvershadow Adventurer's Band]

Derrik [Angren Commando]

Sadathen [Angren Commando]

Madison Mull [Alliance Officer]

  1. [81] Cuisine Exchange - Gather Sarlo Hardhorn Egg Sarlo Hardhorn Egg ×10 from Sarlo Hardhorn Egg
  2. [81] Cooking Skills - Take the To-be-grilled Hardhorn Egg To-be-grilled Hardhorn Egg ×5 and use the Idle Campfire at the Wall of Patrace to make Perfect Grilled Egg Perfect Grilled Egg ×5
  3. [81] A Happy Meal - Give a Golden Grilled Egg Golden Grilled Egg to Derrik, Segbolt, Zhanep and Kanbugg Ironspade

Mofett [Angren Commando]

  1. [81] The Human Factor - Use Rune Sensor Rune Sensor to get Sensed Rune Sensed Rune ×5 from Observation Stone Sockets
  2. Repeatables:

Kashida [Angren Commando]

  1. [81] Uncontrollable Earth Elemental - Kill 10 Uncontrolled Earth Elementals
  2. Repeatables:

Belasian [Angren Commando]

  1. [81] The Miracle of Life - Get Forest Crystal Sand Forest Crystal Sand ×10 from Forest Crystal Sand near Throne of the Earth
  2. Repeatables:

Wuleen [Fanatical Archaeologist]

  1. [81] Inscription Studies - Use the Rough Rope at the place marked to climb up (or down), then get Inscription Rubbing ×5 from Ancient Inscriptions
  2. Repeatables:

Boiling Lake[edit | edit source]

Nate Manrold [Ailic's Researcher] in a ground-level cave on the west side of Balanzasar Volcano

  1. [81] Ailic's Stranger - Get Intact LV Ball, Intact GL Ball and Intact BL Ball by completing 3 sub-quests:
  2. [81] Maintenance Process - Destroy the Energy Extraction Mechanism and examine the Energy Extraction Wreckage to get an Energy Compensator, then find a Spiral Mechanism, a Movable Joint and a Special Steel Plate in the Discarded Equipment Boxes
  3. Patch-E GL [Mini Guardian]
    1. [81] Guardian Movement - Talk to Patch-E GL
  4. Patch-E BL [Mini Guardian]
    1. [81] I don't want to sleep... - Talk to Fanny Manns
  5. Fanny Manns
    1. [81] Mini Factory Production - Get Channel Construction Map Channel Construction Map, Processing Mechanism Construction Map Processing Mechanism Construction Map, and Rune Box Construction Map Rune Box Construction Map
  6. Patch-E LV [Mini Guardian]
    1. [81] Captain, where are you? - Talk to Wolftooth Sonchy, Sharpclaw Saik, Liza Swiftwind and Golder Hardjaw
  7. Windblow Ciro
    1. [81] Together Forever - Use the Cat Trap and catch the Patch-E Ghost (treat it just like a pet trap when you catch a Magic Cavy)
  8. Patch-E Captain [Mini Guardian]
    1. [81] Back to the Production Plant - Return to Flaming Wastelands Production Plant and establish the secret passage

Flaming Wastelands[edit | edit source]

Object: Battered Box

  1. [81] Mythical Legacy (PEP x500) - Give the Paper Note to Wuleen
  2. Repeatables:

Sandy Loff [Ailic's Researcher]

  1. [81] Rescue the Hope Grass - Get Wiltered Hope Grass Wiltered Hope Grass ×8
  2. [81] Light of the Hope Grass - Kill a Blazing Spore
  3. [81] Capturing Hope - Use the Extinguising Net to capture 5 Blazing Spore
  4. Repeatables:

Fierce Fang Front Line[edit | edit source]

Sharpclaw Saik [Fierce Fang Warrior]

  1. [81] Emergency Rescue - Get Delicious Mix-Dish Delicious Mix-Dish ×5 from the Food Supply Cart and feed 5 Hungry Warriors, and get Healing Medicine Healing Medicine ×5 from Medicine Supply Cart to heal 5 Injured Warriors
  2. repeatables:

Wolftooth Sonchy [Fierce Fang Warrior] • Sonis Manton

  1. [81] Damaged Armor Cart - Get Giant Grey Wood Giant Grey Wood ×4 from Giant Piece of Grey Wood, Hard Iron Block Hard Iron Block ×4 from Pure Black Iron Ore and Fiery Anteater Skin Fiery Anteater Skin ×8 from Fiery Anteater
  2. [81] A Lost Friend - Find Sonis Manton
  3. [81] A Frightening Hidden Force - Find the Zurhidon Battle Plan
    • click the workbench in the middle of the Raiders directly below Sonis Manton.

Thunderbolt Lessard [Fierce Fang Warrior]

  1. [81] Cleaning Brigade - Get Guardian Remains Guardian Remains ×10 from Guardian Remains
  2. Repeatables:

Lohmond Jude [Ailic's Captain]

Boiling Lake[edit | edit source]


  1. [81] Ambush - Kill 8 Zurhidon Stalkers and 8 Zurhidon Guardians
  2. [81] Safe Zone - Go to the fort near the Boiling Lake and report to Kargath Duran
  3. Kargath Duran [The Imperishable]
    1. [81] Preparing to Set Off - Confirm that Chef Patch and Chacha have completed their preparations
    2. [81] Abnormal - Infiltrate the area where the Lionheart Knights have been trapped, talk to Iswan Giant and find out what strange things have been happening with the Byalant Guardians

unlocked by Glancing Back in the Dawn of War quest series

  1. [81] Wounded Nynke - Get Taurus Grass Taurus Grass ×10 from Taurus Grass
  2. [81] Crazy Fairies - Get Hippogriff Saliva Hippogriff Saliva ×5 from Flaming Feather Hippogriff Nest and Bubble Grass Bubble Grass ×5 from Bubble Grass
  3. [81] Overlook Survey - Kill a Suspicious Device to obtain a Suspicious Apparatus Suspicious Apparatus
  4. [81] Destroy the cursed device. - Destroy Suspicious Devices until you obtain Suspicious Apparatus Suspicious Apparatus ×5

Colin Hertz

  1. [81] Wonder Medicine - Get Boiling Water Scorpion Poison Boiling Water Scorpion Poison ×10 from Boiling Water Scorpion
  2. [81] The fever does not subside - Get some Freezing Seed from the Elves in Old Awytar
  3. Bleen Godden
    1. [81] A Life Debt - Talk to Colin Hertz
  4. Colin Hertz in Old Awytar
    1. [81] Hertz's Request - Get Scattered Luggage ×10
    2. [81] The Lost Necklace - Kill Zurhidon Aggressors until you find Colin Hertz's Necklace, then give it and Bleen Godden's Gift to Colin Hertz
    3. [81] The Necklace Resurgent - Speak with Colin Hertz

Byalant Production Plant[edit | edit source]

Iswan Giant [Lionheart Knight Lt Commander]
unlocked by the completion of Abnormal

  1. [81] The Ironblood Dreadlord's Scheme - Kill Overloaded No. 103 Punishers and get Cracked Rune Cracked Rune ×5 from Zurhidon Champions
  2. [81] Behind the Shadows - Get the Powerful Explosive Devices Powerful Explosive Devices ×5 from the Military Supply Box, and use them to destroy 5 Transmission Systems, then meet Captain Dillenbart

Sholansar [Alliance Warrior]
unlocked by the completion of Abnormal

  1. [81] Entanglement - Kill 8 Overloaded No. 89 Punishers and 8 No. 89 Digger Punishers
  2. Repeatables:

Old Awytar[edit | edit source]

Layken Charr [Dark Glory Elite Commando]

Macca Yolee [Camp Medic]

Celonais [Holy Stone Instructor]

Worr Jones [Camp Intelligence Officer]

  1. [82] A Bad Feeling - Confirm the location of the Explosive Device in the Kulech Nest
  2. [82] Creating Confusion - Report the deductions to Zhadin Bloodfang

Chady Worr [Ailic's Community]

Zhadin Bloodfang [Limon Elite Soldier]

Gate of the Void[edit | edit source]

Hobb Irontooth [Limon Elite Soldier]

Belathis[edit | edit source]

Lower Belathis[edit | edit source]


Upper Belathis[edit | edit source]

Front Camp[edit | edit source]

Leon Entero [Camp Captain]

  • While located here, all of this NPC's quests take place inside Belathis Fortress so we are going to list them there.

Mallory Shester [Ailic's Historian]

Johan Saton [Ailic's Historian]
unlocked by completing Shattered Relics

Wulah Heney [Ailic's Community]

Skill: Youthful Cage
  • [82] A Fleeting Youth - Recover Shattered Stone Tablet ×10
    • You have only 10 seconds from the moment you accept the quest before failure. If you fail, you must abandon and re-accept the quest.
    • Click on one of the birds to get a target, then click on the temporary skill, Youthful Cage (or press alt-1)

Nick Ferry - dying man on the ramp from Belathis Fortress entrance area to deep Upper Belathis

  1. [82] An Urgent Message - Talk to Leo Chansen
  2. Leo Chansen at the Rear Camp
    1. [82] Decoding - Talk to Donny Aleman, Torr Leighsen and Steve Capsen
  3. Len Tysser at the Rear Camp
    1. [82] Recycling Weapon Resources - Get Punisher-attracting Stone ×5 from Sacrificed Alliance Soldiers
    2. [82] Breaking the Siege - Kill 5 Shielded Punishers
  4. Leo Chansen at the Rear Camps
    1. [82] Enemy Camp Rampage - Go to Royal Abbey and find Disguised Zurhidon Experimenter
  5. Disguised Zurhidon Experimenter in Royal Abbey
    1. [82] Shut Down the Energy Source - Stop the Rune Crystal Energy Source. Deactivate Energy Supply Point

Rear Camps[edit | edit source]

Rocky Fossen [Dark Glory Elite Command]

  1. [82] A Coward's Commitment - Use the Zurhidon Costume, infiltrate the deepest recesses of Royal Abbey and examine the Documents
  2. Hannis Lenhart [Camp Captain]
    1. [82] Amazing Developments - Kill Zurhidon Explorer Captain
  3. Rocky Fossen

Steve Capsen [Alliance Investigation Team]

Hanna Rey [Eye of Wisdom Mage]

  1. [82] Battlefield Brilliance - Get Flaming Core ×10 from Shielded Punishers
  2. [82] Magic Bullets - Successfully test Magic Bullets on 5 Shielded Punishers

Hannis Lenhart [Camp Captain]

Royal Abbey[edit | edit source]

Belathis Fortress[edit | edit source]

Leon Entero [Camp Captain] in Upper Belathis

Tucks and Nuk are located just outside Belathis Fortress.

Tucks [Belathis Ghost]


  1. [82] The Slaves of Belathis - Kill 10 Patrolling Punishers
  2. [82] Wounded Dignity - Get Dragonblood Grass ×10 from Dragonblood Grass