Salioca Basin

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Map of Salioca Basin
Icon - Salioca Basin.png
Zone Information
Continent Gerador
Type Public Outdoor
Patch Patch 6.2.0
Level Range 87 to 90
Connecting Zones Jungle of Hortek, Kashaylan
TownsPioneers Camp
ResourcesDust of Mutation [RP], Summer Oak [RP], Cold Psilotum [RP], Ironaxe Stone [RP]
QuestsSeriesDailies Mobs ObjectsPOIs
In Salioca Basin you find out more about Kidd and his mysterious love. Could this be the key to unraveling the secret of the pirate treasure?

The hunt for Kidd's Treasure leads you ever deeper into the jungle. Time is of the essence – that cunning fiend Sismond seems to always be one step ahead of you.— from
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