Rune Throne

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This relic got the unusual name of “Rune Throne” from its remarkable circular shape and the centrally aligned flagstones.

Because huge guardians are wandering around, many people think this throne hides an ancient secret.

There is one rune circle at the Rune Throne, the Ruins of Mithur and the Ruins of the Great Gate respectively. These rune circles are essential to open the Large Gate. The mage of Mithur who was studying them at that time, said that opening the gate would bring great dangers and he used powerful magic to seal the rune circles.

When the Cyclops were attacking Mithur, they came here together with the Zurhidon to remove the seals. The removal of the seals led to the awakening of the Ruins Guardians, who in return decimated the intruders. Since that time, the Cyclops never ventured back here.

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