Rumpus Mine

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Rumpus Mine
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Zone Aslan Valley
Expansion Ch.I: Rise of the Demon Lord
Resources Oak Wood [RP], Copper Ore [RP], Moxa [RP], Redwood [RP], Rock Crystal [RP], Foloin Nuts [RP]
Quest Series Aslan Valley

The Rumpus Mine has a remarkable history of development. The goblin cave which was situated on this patch of land now known as the Goblin’s Village, was overrun by agile adventurers. They enslaved the goblins and found a rich deposit of ore, which they sought to exploit. For several reasons the human’s leaders decided to stop further development.

After that one of the goblin slaves by the name of Kyrm Hammertooth united his people and incited a revolt. They drove away the humans from the compound and founded a village. Later on he used the digging and forging skills he had learned from his former masters to produce weapons and tools. The mine was to become the centre of a new goblin empire, called the Hammertooth Empire. But it is just a harmonious name. The goblins quarrel with each other on a daily basis and everybody behaves according to his own will. Not even half of the goblins of the Bloodhound Mountain and of the Rumpus Mine know that they have something akin to a realm of their own. Of those who do know it, few have ever heard of a King named Kyrm Hammertooth.

That is why brave adventurers can venture into the Rumpus Mine without hesitation, generally speaking, either to mine for themselves or to steal the ore from the goblins. Disunited as they are, they have no chance to resist. Those adventurers ridicule the goblins as tumultuous monstrosities and jokingly refer to the Mine as Rumpus Mine. But even in the face of human aggression and the impotence of his clan, the courage of Kyrm Hammertooth does not wane. On a secret journey he changed, but even though he told no one about it, other goblins have started to feel different lately as well. They are becoming more vigorous in battle and more dangerous. Silverfall’s shamans think that mysterious powers in the Rumpus Mine are at work. In the future humankind will have to admit, that the noisy goblins from the darkness are formidable foes that should be feared.