Ruins of the Magnork Kingdom

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File:Map - Ruins of the Magnork Kingdom.jpg
Map of Ruins of the Magnork Kingdom
The Elder Kingdoms

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.

Zone Information
Continent Kolydia
Type Instanced Dungeon
Expansion Ch.III: The Elder Kingdoms
Level Range 60+
Connecting Zones Southern Janost Forest (Alimus' Tomb)
Max Players 6
Progress Saved? No
QuestsSeries Mobs Loot Objects

Please see Instance List for a table of all Instances, by the zone they are found in, and the quests that are involved with them.

While the entrance is at Alimus' Tomb, exiting takes you to Tomb Researchers' Camp.

There are not many quests here, and they are documented at the bottom of [Janost Forest (Quest Series)]. There is also a guide on the Joint RoM Forums, at