Temple Normal (Item Set)

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Temple Normal Item Set (Required Levels: 61 to 62)
Members and Set BonusesAppearanceMembers and Set BonusesAppearance
Temple Normal (7) Cloth
Temple Headdress (RW/Ggl)
Temple Robe (RW/Ggl)
Temple Shoulder Guards (RW/Ggl)
Temple Grasp (RW/Ggl)
Temple Trousers (RW/Ggl)
Temple Soft Shoes (RW/Ggl)
no set bonuses
aka Temple Normal
Temple Normal (7) Leather
Temple Shadow Headdress (RW/Ggl)
Temple Shadow Shoulder Guards (RW/Ggl)
Temple Shadow Belt (RW/Ggl)
Temple Shadow Gloves (RW/Ggl)
Temple Shadow Leather Armor (RW/Ggl)
Temple Shadow Leather Boots (RW/Ggl)
no set bonuses
aka Temple Normal
Temple Normal (7) Chain
Temple Fury Helmet (RW/Ggl)
Temple Fury Chain Armor (RW/Ggl)
Temple Fury Shoulder Armor (RW/Ggl)
Temple Fury Handguards (RW/Ggl)
Temple Fury Belt Temple Fury Belt
Temple Fury Leg Guards (RW/Ggl)
Temple Fury Leg Armor (RW/Ggl)
no set bonuses
aka Temple Normal
Temple Normal (7) Plate
Temple Guardian Plate Armor (RW/Ggl)
Temple Guardian Leg Guards (RW/Ggl)
Temple Guardian Belt (RW/Ggl)
Temple Guardian Boots (RW/Ggl)
Temple Guardian Helmet Temple Guardian Helmet
Temple Guardian Shoulder Guards (RW/Ggl)
Temple Guardian Handguards (RW/Ggl)
no set bonuses
aka Temple Normal
WeaponsSet Notes
Temple Normal (13) Weapons
Ruins Staff of Praise (RW/Ggl)
Ruins Staff of Plunder (RW/Ggl)
Ruins Sharp Blade (RW/Ggl)
Ruins Hunting Bow (RW/Ggl)
Ruins Double-edged Axe (RW/Ggl)
Ruins Hammer (RW/Ggl)
Ruins Heavy Hammer (RW/Ggl)
Ruins Dagger (RW/Ggl)
Ruins Wand (RW/Ggl)
Ruins Heavy Sword (RW/Ggl)
Ruins Hand Axe (RW/Ggl)
Ruins Heavy Crossbow (RW/Ggl)
Ruins Big Chopper (RW/Ggl)
no set bonuses
aka Temple Normal
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The pieces of this level 61-62, Normal Armor and Weapons can drop from practically any mob in the Limo Desert. They may be called by any of the following names. While very good armor with OD and rune buffs, this item set has no item set bonuses. See also Temple Good
See also: Item Set Skills for a table of all Items Sets, by class, and what extractable skills they have.