Return the Glory (Quest Series)

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Return the Glory (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneThunderhoof Hills
Rec. Levels56 to 61
Next The Degenerated Elves
Magical Reconstruction
See alsoQuest Series
The Elder Kingdoms

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.

You should be doing the Envoy of the Dragons quest series at the same time as this one. If you have not, go look at it and get it started. It becomes important later.

Thunderhoof Hills[edit | edit source]

To gain the title of Lionheart Knights Investigator Lionheart Knights Investigator you must gain the following titles:

Tomara[edit | edit source]

Samiel Caster [barkeep] • Mark Ferrero

  1. [56] The Lost "Silver Eye" - Speak to Drunken Bill, Sweet Mary, Dispirited Warrior Donqui, Old Moohide, and Pig in a Pond Bouncer
  2. [56] Troublesome Customers - Make the fighting customers stop by drinking all the Spicy Ale
  3. [56] Mallen Brothers Gang Reward - Defeat the Mallen Bandit Lackies and get the Stolen Goods

Dalanis Grand Palace[edit | edit source]

Kai Kaiyinth [Lionheart Knight Trainer]

  1. [56] Knight Trainer - Kai Kaiyinth - Listen to Kai Kaiyinth [Lionheart Knight Trainer]
  2. [56] Training - Ground Combat Skills - Kill 10 Fierce Plunderers between Sternhorn and Avano
    • acceptance of this quest will unlock the 'transporter' in the sewers, Jake Wallanda.

Sternhorn[edit | edit source]

Kai Kaiyinth on the south side of Sternhorn

Betty Ilun

  1. [56] Hills of Torment - Look after Betty Ilun

Kai Kaiyinth on the south side of Sternhorn

  1. [56] Peace and Love - Listen to Kai Kaiyinth, then bring back Betty Ilun's son
  2. [56] A Matter of Greater Importance - Apologize to Betty Ilun
  3. [56] Training - Stage Two - Talk to Kai Kaiyinth in Dalanis Central District

Dalanis Central District[edit | edit source]

John Hoffman [Lionheart Knight Captain] in Dalanis Central District

  1. [56] Another Kind of Training - Talk to John Hoffman in Dalanis Dimlane District's funeral parlor entrance

Dalanis Dimlane District[edit | edit source]

  1. [56] The Odd Funeral Parlor - Listen to John and Midnight's conversation
  2. [56] A Mysterious Death - Investigate (examine Vagrant Personal Effects in Dalanis Sewers) and report back to John Hoffman
  3. [56] "Simple" Mission - Find tracks (by examining Shattered Cask) in the area Nigula Hura was assigned (Nigula Hura drops a Button Button) in the alley.
  4. [56] Piecing Together the Truth - Speak to John Hoffman to uncover the truth in the same alley (Forgotten Bag and Messy Drawing Messy Drawing), take the Button Button to Midnight, then deliver Midnight's Letter Midnight's Letter to John Hoffman. The Button Button belongs to the Mallen Brothers Gang in Avano.
  5. [56][Group] Smash! - Destroy the Mallen Brothers Gang's City Base in Abandoned District of Dalanis

Dalanis Grand Palace 2[edit | edit source]

  1. [56] Appreciation of the Lionheart Knights - Report to "Iron Rose" Iswan
  2. [56] Knighting Ceremony - Talk to "Iron Rose" Iswan to start the ceremony
  3. Unlocks Sueke Haragen, Little Pierre, General Lance and Madila

General Lance

  1. [56] A Squire's First Mission - Talk to Kai Kaiyinth near Avano

Avano[edit | edit source]

Kai Kaiyinth

  1. [56] Avano's Resentment - Question the Avano Elder, Avano Woman, and Avano Youth
  2. [56] Defeat the Mallen Brothers Gang - Kill 6 Fierce Mallen Banditx and 6 Members of the Mallen Brothers Gang
  3. [56] General Lance - Chat with General Lance

Dalanis Grand Palace 3[edit | edit source]

Simon Dibark:

General Lance

  1. [56] Problems at the Council of Lords - Attend the Council of Lords
  2. [56] Ambassador to Aren - Speak to Jessie Mocliff at Medanor

Medanor[edit | edit source]

Jessie Mocliff

  1. [56] Questions are Asked - Ask Jessie Mocliff a question
  2. [56] The Good Village of Medanor - Get to know the residents of Medanor
    • Follow Jessie around while he gives you the nickel tour

Riker Sile

  1. [56] Medanor Pageant - Eat the food, drink the beer, and enjoy the performance of Morgan Hirayth!
  2. [56] Medanor Village's Request - Persuade Jessie Mocliff

Jessie Mocliff

  1. [56] Help Aren - Talk to Oliver Harris in Aren

Aren[edit | edit source]

Oliver Harris

  1. [57] Aren - The Wall of Steel - Talk to Oliver Harris
  2. [57] Jeno Mocliff - Talk to Jeno Mocliff
  3. [57] Don't Do It! - End the dispute by speaking with Lowr Mocliff

Lowr Mocliff

  1. [57] Lowr's Announcement - Listen to Lowr Mocliff

Sibenth Pait

  1. [57] Sibenth's Advice - Talk to Oliver Harris

Oliver Harris

  1. [57] Oliver's Concern - Question Jeno Mocliff
  2. [57] Oliver's Enlightenment - Question Lowr Mocliff, then fight off two Masked Killers!

Oliver Harris's Corpse

  1. [57] Oliver's Death - Talk to Jesse Mocliff in Medanor

Jesse Mocliff

  1. [57] Informing Jessie - Examine Oliver Harris's corpse


  1. [57] Autopsy - Help Midnight with the autopsy (click on what he wants, then on Midnight)
  2. [57] Find the Murderer - Converse with Midnight, go to Aren village (behind the castle) to get the Aren Handmaiden Dresses and Accessories, and pass them to Midnight
  3. [57] Handmaiden Clothing - Fix the belt, then enter Lady Victoria's Residence (in throne room instance)
  4. [57] Visiting Lady Victoria - pay a visit to Lady Victoria and kill her (56 Elite Undead)

Jesse Mocliff

  1. [57] Closing the Curtain - Epilogue: Talk to Jessie Mocliff
  2. [57] Return to Dalanis - Talk to General Lance

Dalanis Grand Palace: Epilogue[edit | edit source]

  1. [57] Dalanis City - Listen to General Lance
  2. [57] Meeting the King - Talk to Callaway Kalume
  3. [57] Message from Kandor - Participate in the High Council
  4. [57] First Visit to Shador - Talk to "Iron Rose" Iswan at Shador in Southern Janost Forest

Southern Janost Forest[edit | edit source]

Gaining 7 titles (Shador's Hope, Dispeller of Beast Rumours, A King's Trust, and Calloway's Comrade in Return the Glory, plus Emir's Antagonist, Keeper of the Secret, and Morrock's Companion in Envoy of the Dragons) grants the title Forest Crisis Rescuer.

Shador[edit | edit source]

  1. "Iron Rose" Iswan
    1. [57] Meet the Lady of Shador - Follow "Iron Rose" Iswan
      1. Hail "Iron Rose" Iswan to begin, then follow her.
      2. When the Trained Pango presents the edict, click on it, then on "Iron Rose" Iswan
    2. [57] Inquire About the Details - Ask for details
    3. [57] Visit the Third Lady - Give the Necklace back to Miriam Giant and check on her
  2. Hettie Giant [Lady of Shador]
    1. [57] Shador's Concerns - Talk to Hettie Giant
    2. [57] Southern Janost Forest - Talk to Hettie Giant
    3. [57] Go to Kandor - Return the Shiny Box, and give the Leather Guards to Toni

Kandor[edit | edit source]

  1. Iswan Giant
    1. [58] Hostile Villagers - Question Kandor Man, Kandor Woman, Kandor Youth, and elder Ayven Teuton
  2. Markuehl Teuton
    1. [58] The Stubborn Mayor of Kandor - Persuade Animon Bana [Kandor Mayor]
    2. [58] Find Aidan - Find Aidan Teuton on the road to Misty Grove
      • All you can find of him is a Toy Knife in a bush straight in and slightly to the right
  3. Toni
    1. [58] Mysterious Treasure Hunter - Talk to Toni
  4. Iswan Giant
    1. [58] Visit Aidan's Home - Talk to Aidan Wayla
    2. [58] On the Trail in Misty Grove - Look for clues about the disappearance of villagers from Kandor within the Misty Grove
    3. [58] Deliver Coded Letter - Travel to Shador and deliver the Encoded Letter to V'dorka Cher
  5. Aidan Wayla (inside the bar)
    1. [58] Aidan's Request - Talk to Animon Bana
  6. Animon Bana [Kandor Mayor]
    1. [58] Meat Source - Hunt Janost Pango using Tenacious Beast Snare for Sturdy Pongo-Containing Sack (Trigger-point: 50%)
    2. [58] Village Finances - Get Boshi Horn Boshi Horn from Stray Boshi
  7. Iswan Giant
    1. [58] Gathering Intelligence - Chat with villagers about the soldiers who have been capturing people
  8. Morning Star
    1. [58] Morning Star's Visit - Talk to Toni, then observe the scene between he, Morning Star, and Carr Dawith
    2. [58] The Panther and the Bird - Talk to Toni
  9. Toni
    1. [58] Ask the Elder for Advice - Visit Ayven Teuton and get an Old Diary of an Elder
    2. [58] Exploring the Secrets of Chupura Valley - Talk to Firefly

Chupura Valley[edit | edit source]

  1. Firefly
    1. [58] Follow Firefly's Footsteps - Closely follow Firefly to stay safe!
  2. Iswan Giant
    1. [58] King Captured - Drake Angerfang has seized the King! Defeat the three Drake's Lackeys
    2. [58] Knight's Sacrifice - Search Chupura Valley for traces of Toni
      • Complete the three Knight's Virtue challenges: Sacrifice, Courage, and Honor.
  3. Antaikolon [King of the Elves]
    1. [58] Operation to Rescue the King - Follow Antaikolon and save Toni
  4. Iswan Giant
    1. [58] Interrogate - Question the Old Canine
  5. Antaikolon
    1. [58] Leave - Transports you back to Kandor. Be sure you are finished with any other quests in Chupura Valley!

Kandor[edit | edit source]

  1. Iswan Giant
    1. [58] Fear Remains - Speak with Toni
  2. Toni at Kandor
    1. [58] Crisis in Kandor - Help Toni convince the Mayor
    2. [58] Blood Red Road to Warnorken Castle - Defeat 6 Warnorken Soldiers

Warnorken Castle[edit | edit source]

  1. Toni on the road to Warnorken Castle
    1. [58] Screams from the Stronghold - Enter Warnorken Castle, find the origin of the screams, and meet up with Toni inside the Warnorken Castle
  2. Imprisoned Resident of Kandor
    1. [58] A Chance to Escape - Get Cage Keys ×5 from Warnorken Elite Guards
  3. Toni inside Warnorken Castle
    1. [58] Annelia - Ask about Annelia
    2. [58] Unforgivable! - Follow Toni! Quick!
    3. [58] The Promise - Exchange information with the others
    4. [58] Return to Shador - Meet Callaway Kalume in Shador

Shador: Epilogue[edit | edit source]

  1. Antaikolon
    1. [58] Help the Third Lady - Follow Antaikolon's orders
  2. Callaway Kalume
    1. [58] Callaway's Realization - Listen to the King's words
    2. [58] Provocation - Find Toni in Northern Janost Forest at Forgotten Laboratory

Northern Janost Forest[edit | edit source]

Gaining the titles Raksha's Envoy, Angren Forest Defender, Frend of the Angren, Trickster's Toy, The Walls Have Ears, and Swallow Me, in this zone, grants the title Hatchet Burier.

Forgotten Laboratory[edit | edit source]


  1. [58] Drake's Tracks - Ask about the whereabouts of the Limon

Rh'anka Village[edit | edit source]

The following three-quest sub-series grants access to Angren.

  1. [58] Forbidden Entry - Meet Toni in Angren

Angren[edit | edit source]

  1. Toni
    1. [58] Angren Crisis - Find out what happened to the Angren
    2. [58] Lijinda's Envoy - Discover the secrets of Dimstar Swamp
    3. [58] The Great Hunter - Talk to Hanches
  2. Hanches [Great Hunter] in Angren
    1. [58] The Great Hunter's Warning - Talk to the Lonely Angren Warrior at Dimstar Swamp
    2. [58] Don't Fear Death - Get Bite Grass Bite Grass ×10 from Bite Grass in Dimstar Swamp
    3. [58] Corruption of Nature - Go to Sanctuary of Jyr'na and find the source of the corrosion
    4. [58] Power Struggle - Tell Hanches you are ready to meet Chief Lashana, then do so
      • To start the next quest, find Toni down the hill at the first home on the right.
  3. Toni (at the chief's compound)
    1. [58] Talk to Toni - Talk to Toni
    2. [58] The Kidnapped Jyr'na Elf - Use the Tough Lasso to capture a Jyr'na Elven Mage
    3. [58] Talking With a Degenerated Elf - Try and talk with the Weakened Jyr'na Elf (south from Dikeya's home and up the hillside path)
  4. Iswan Giant
    1. [58] Seek the Shaman of Angren - Speak with Shataak
  5. Shataak [Shaman]
    1. [58] Calmed - Obtain Bloodwing Fruit Bat Blood Bloodwing Fruit Bat Blood ×5 from Bloodwing Fruit Bat, Mosto Tail Feather Mosto Tail Feather ×5 from Angren Mosto and Poisonous Red Frog's Poison Gland Poisonous Red Frog's Poison Gland ×5 from Poisonous Red Frog
  6. Hanches
    1. [58] Ways And Means - Talk to the Great Hunter about how to use the Sedative Potion Sedative Potion
  7. Toni
    1. [58] Communication Bridges the Gap - Talk to the Weakened Jyr'na Elf again
    2. [59] The Elven Quest for Power - Talk to the Weakened Jyr'na Elf, again
    3. [59] Elven Nature - Meet Fenmeer at the Angren gate
  8. Fenmeer (outside the Angren gate)
    1. [59] The Forest's Feelings - Signal Fenmeer, then lead him into Angren Forest (down the road towards Rh'anka Village, then return to the cage atop the mountain and ask him about what he saw and felt
  9. Toni
    1. [59] Meet The King In Person - Return to Fenmeer and check his mental state before he meets the King, then observe the meeting
    2. [59] Nax the Holy Tree - Ask Fenmeer for more details
    3. [59] In The Name of Nature and Peace - Convince Fenmeer to be your guide, then return to Toni at the chief's home
  10. Fenmeer (in his cage atop the hilltop)
    1. [59] Go to Nax the Holy Tree - Meet Fenmeer just north of Rh'anka Village, listen to Antaikolon, proceed to Jyr'nathon Forest, speak to Nax the Holy Tree to be returned to Angren and go to Toni and tell him what has happened
  11. Lashana [Angren Chief]
    1. [59] Finding Out About the Disaster in the Raksha Temple - understand the problem
  12. Iswan Giant
    1. [59] Iswan's Opinion - Listen to Iswan Giant's opinion
  13. Lashana (on the bridge to Raksha Temple)
    1. [59] Leave for Raksha Temple - Listen to Lashana, then listen to the encounter with Firefly on the bridge to Raksha temple, then return to the chief's tent
    2. [59] Angren's Past and Present - Understand the puzzle behind Angren
  14. Toni
    1. [59] End the Suspicion of Angren - Speak to General Lance
  15. General Lance [Lionheart Knight Commander]
    1. [59] Apologize for a Thousand Year Old Mistake - Listen to General Lance
  16. Toni
    1. [59] Heartfelt Apologies - Listen to Toni
  17. Lashana
    1. [59] Lashana's Real Intention - Listen to the Chief, then give her message to Toni in Rh'anka Village

Rh'anka Village: Epilogue[edit | edit source]

  1. Iswan Giant (in a cave on the west side of Rh'anka Village)
    1. [59] Unexpected Footsteps - Talk to Toni, then observe the encounter with Drake Angerfang
  2. Toni
    1. [59] The Value of Sacrifice and Payment - Talk to Toni
    2. [60] Question - Ask Iswan Giant if you may leave for Limo Desert
  3. Iswan Giant
    1. [60] Reason for Provocation - Speak to Helghar Bloodfang, then talk to Iswan Giant
  4. Toni
    1. [60] Further Contact - Talk to Iswan Giant, then escort Helghar Bloodfang to an audience with the King
    2. [60] Go to Limon - Complete 3 sub-quests at Kingdom of Limon in the Limo Desert

Limo Desert[edit | edit source]

Kingdom of Limon[edit | edit source]

The first 5 quests in this section can all be started at the same time, and they are interlinked and must be completed before you can proceed.

Now you can proceed...

  1. Iswan Giant [Lionheart Knight Lt Commander] after you have completed the above quests
    1. [60] Walls Have Ears - Eavesdrop on the meeting between Toni and Skarbar Sharpclaw (south wall of the building)
    2. [60] Public Opinion Poll Report - Report results to Toni
  2. Toni in Kingdom of Limon
    1. [60] Disappearing Clan - Talk to Helghar Bloodfang at Earthsprings Village

Earthsprings Village[edit | edit source]

  1. Helghar Bloodfang
    1. [60] Rotteneye - Talk to Helghar Bloodfang, then Toni in Rock Salt Village

Rock Salt Village[edit | edit source]

  1. Iswan Giant
    1. [60] Lost Cat - Talk to Limon Granny
  2. Limon Granny
    1. [60] Love This Smell - Talk to Dog Blocking the Road, Pick Silent Spirit Grass ×10
  3. Dog Blocking the Road
    1. [60] Pay For Use Rules - Talk to Dog Blocking the Road, pay him 50Gold , then pick Silent Spirit Grass ×10
  4. Limon Granny
    1. [60] Endless Requests - Use the Silent Spirit Grass to get Silent Spirit Grass Seed, then use the Empty Cloth Bag to get Bag of Silent Spirit Grass Seed
    2. [60] Good Kitty Come Back Soon - Burn the Bag of Silent Spirit Grass
  5. Item: Granny's Cloth Bag
    1. [60] Windfall - Talk to Toni
  6. Toni
    1. [60] Do You Know Her? - Speak to four residents about Limon Granny
  7. Iswan Giant
    1. [60] Deny - Speak to Destitute Salt Worker and turn him down
    2. [60] Test the "owner" - Ask Pulajin Sharpclaw what is in the bag, then tell Iswan. The answers are shuffled each time you fail, so WRITE THEM DOWN!
    3. [60] Original Owner? - Return the treasures to Pulajin Sharpclaw
  8. Kamington Sharpclaw
    1. [60] Catch a Thief - Find Pulajin Sharpclaw
  9. Pulajin Sharpclaw
    1. [60] Treasure Theft - Find Granny's Cloth Bag, which was stolen by a Rh'anka Salt Raider, and give it to Kamington Sharpclaw
      • Upon finishing the above quest, someone knocks you out and you awake in the salt pit!
  10. Iswan Giant
    1. [61] Lucky Hit - Talk to Toni
  11. Padesha Rotteneye
    1. [61] Start From the Beginning - Ask Padesha Rotteneye about the past
    2. [61] Key Evidence - Find Tebarton Rotteneye (in the bar in the Dalanis Dimlane District) and get the Secret Letter
  12. Tebarton Rotteneye in Dalanis

Finale[edit | edit source]

  1. Toni in Tomard
  2. Toni in Oasis
    1. [61] Clues - Show the letter to Helghar Bloodfang and listen to what he tells you
    2. [61] Further Investigation - Defeat 7 Puppet Warriors, 7 Puppet Shamen and get a Unremarkable Ring in Tukork Pass, then talk to Iswan Giant in Kingdom of Limon
  3. Clan Rotteneye:
  4. Helghar Bloodfang in Earthsprings Village
    1. [61] Sincere Apology - Take the message to Padesha Rotteneye in Rock Salt Village
  5. Padesha Rotteneye in Rock Salt Village
    1. Preparing to Fight:
    2. [61] Delivery - Take the Batch of Reparation Goods from the Rotteneyes to Helghar Bloodfang in Earthsprings Village
  6. Helghar Bloodfang
    1. [61] Smooth Progress - Talk to Iswan Giant in Kingdom of Limon
  7. Firefly
    1. [61] Firefly's Identity - Talk to Firefly
  8. Nondescript Limon (a short distance from Firefly, use WorldSearch)
    1. [61] Exposing the Truth - Search for Helghar in the Limon Cemetery just outside the city gates
  9. Firefly (in the graveyard)
    1. [61] Luring the Enemy - Deliver the Military Order to Asuga Sharpclaw
  10. Iswan Giant
    1. [61] Tail Between the Legs - Go to the Square
  11. Toni
    1. [61] Catch Skarbar - Find Toni in Tukork Hot Sorings
    2. [61] Enemy in Retreat - Defeat 3 Iron Tooth Archers and 3 Iron Tooth Sentries
    3. [61] Helpless - Watch out for enemies
    4. [61] Goodbye Hero - Search for Drake's party
    5. [61] Shoot to Kill - Defeat Skarbar Sharpclaw (on the far side of Tukork Pass), then talk to Jasmin "Firefly" Angerfang in Kingdom of Limon
  12. Toni (in Kingdom of Limon)

You cannot proceed beyond this point until you have completed Delve Deeper in the Envoy of the Dragons quest series

  1. Toni (in Kingdom of Limon)

This is the end of Return the Glory quest series and the beginning of the Magical Reconstruction quest series. It joins together the adventures you have shared with Morrok Wallinder in the Envoy of the Dragons quest series and Toni (in this quest series).