Respawn Timer

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This is the amount of time, after a mob is killed, that it is expected to respawn.

Some named mobs, such as world bosses, may take as long as 12 hours (12:00:00) or even an entire day (24:00:00).

Global Default Respawn Timer[edit | edit source]

The GDRT in RoM is 01:30. Any mob with a blank respawn= value will display "00:01:30 GDRT". This is rather faster than most MMORPGs so it is advisable not to go AFK while out in hunting areas. Many Elite mobs respawn in 03:00. Crown Elite World Bosses tend to respawn in 12 to 24 hours. The actual respawn time can vary by a randomly generated value so do not depend on this. The Respawn Timer is just a base value.

If you do NOT see GDRT to the right of the time this means that respawn= has a value and is not simply displaying the default.