Reigniting the Fire of Life

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[+] Savage Lands
 [+] The Origin
  [55][Group] Reigniting the Fire of Life
Expansion: Ch.II: The Elven Prophecy
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Yashitosh (RW/Ggl) (Origin)
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Icon - End Quest.png End: Mynarvis (RW/Ggl) ( 69.0, 55.5 )
 XP: 271,326
 TP: 27,132
 Gold: 9,138Gold 
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Quest Chain
  1. [53] Keluo Red Flowers
  2. [53] Presenting a Bouquet
  3. [53] An Elven Tale
  4. [53] Slow Breakdown Method
  5. [55] Cry of the Holy Tree
  6. [55] Helping Yashitosh
  7. [55][Group] Reigniting the Fire of Life
The Elven Prophecy

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy.

You need to be at least Level 53 to receive this quest.

You need to be at least Level 47 to turn-in this quest.

This is a GROUP quest. Good luck.

Use the Fire of Life to reignite the four Braziers around Falynum, then return to Mynarvis at the Green Tower in the Savage Lands and tell him what you've done.

Helping Yashitosh
Savage Lands
Quest Series
Green Tower
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