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There are 6 separate versions of this quest in the quest database, and you can do all six. Each has a different Starting NPC but they all end with the same NPC, Andalus Lee in the Varanas Administration District, standing in front of the Varanas Guild Hall. This is the introduction to the Haidon Artisan Society and is not required. It is there simply to make sure you meet Andalus Lee.

Starting NPCs for This Quest
Zone POI NPC Quest#
Silverspring Varanas Gates Gawn Chaine 427136
Thunderhoof Hills Dalanis Central District Ray Pulisk 427137
Wailing Fjord Muckgale Port Ferkan Paine 427138
Dust Devil Canyon Obsidian Stronghold Glory Square William Woods 427139
Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan Front Line Alliance Camp Mish Paine 427140
Fireboot Underground Fortress Foreign Quarter Peggy Raffa 427141
[+] Ancient Power
 [+] Introduction
  [10] Recruitment
Expansion: Patch 6.0.0
Icon - End Quest.png End: Andalus Lee (RW/NRW/Ggl) @ Varanas Administration District
You will receive:

You need to be at least Level 8 to receive this quest.

You need to be at least Level 2 to turn-in this quest.

Internal Flag: 548981


Go to Varanas City and meet Andalus Lee outside the Class Hall. He will explain the situation to you.


This quest can be started by any of the 6 NPCs listed below, but all 6 quests are identical and simply direct you to talk to Andalus Lee in the Varanas Administration District (just outside the entrance to the Varanas Class Hall). This quest is optional. Whether you do it or not, the real series starts with News from Kolydia.

Completionistas: Each of the six starting mobs starts an identical but different copy of this quest. Your completed quest count treats them as six different quests. This means you can get 6 of the rewards as well as add 6 to your total, but we are not sure if you must acquire and complete them sequentially, or if all six can be done simultaneously.

Ancient Power
Quest Series
News from Kolydia
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