Carlyre's Diamond Ring

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Worth: 144Gold 
Recipe Cost: 0Gold 
Recipe Sold by:

This item is created by Blacksmithing (2).

Blacksmithing (Production)
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Carlyre's Diamond Ring
Tier 1
Requires Level 20
Accessory Ring
Worth: 144 Gold
(Randomly obtain additional attributes)

Recipe - Carlyre's Diamond Ring Recipe - Carlyre's Diamond Ring
Requires Blacksmithing level 2
Raw Materials:
Elemental Crystal Elemental Crystal ×4
Refined Fire Essence Fragment Refined Fire Essence Fragment ×3
Refined Water Essence Fragment Refined Water Essence Fragment ×2
Small Runic Remnant Small Runic Remnant ×2
Tin Sand Tin Sand ×6
Carlyre's Ring Carlyre's Ring ×1
Carlyre's Diamond Ring Carlyre's Diamond Ring
Crafting Cost: 0Gold 
This item is part of an upgradable set. Each piece is craftable using Blacksmithing (2). Each piece's recipe requires the previous piece as an ingredient.
  1. Carlyre's Ring Carlyre's Ring
  2. Carlyre's Diamond Ring Carlyre's Diamond Ring
  3. Carlyre's Oath Ring Carlyre's Oath Ring