Quest List - Yrvandis Hollows

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Yrvandis Hollows[edit | edit source]

Lvl Start NPC Quest Name Summary XP TP Gold Item
1 Galis Faidley Awaken Speak to Galis Faidley to re-familiarize yourself with this world. 24 2 50 -
1 Galis Faidley Warm-up Exercise Follow Galis Faidley instructions and speak with Alya Fanta. 24 2 50 -
1 Alya Fanta Adventurer's Code Speak with Alya Fanta and begin the next stage of learning. 24 2 50 -
2 Alya Fanta Self-defense Ability Take Alya's letter of recommendation to Tyda Rason. 50 5 83 Mysterious Runic Scroll and the choice of Fine Wand or Fine Long Sword
2 Tyda Rason Safety Fundamentals Follow Tyda Rason's instructions and speak with Dana Hodgins. 50 5 83 The choice of Superior Traveling Robe or Superior Chaincoat
2 Dana Hodgins The Way of Survival Follow up on the suggestion from Dana Hodgins and visit Danny's sister Nora Hodgins to ask for some healing potions. 50 5 83 Basic Medicine X 10 and Basic Spirit Potion x 10

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