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Xaviera[edit | edit source]

Lvl Start NPC Quest Name Summary XP TP Gold Item
43 Hangla Skinning and Peeling Collect 10 Strong Fibers from the Death Blooms and give them to Hangla. 101930 10193 3543
43 Hangla Return the Goods Transport the Bundle of Fibers to a member of the Ailic's Community 101930 10193 3543 Dustproof Archeology Gloves ; Ruins Scale Gauntlets
43 Shenbi Report First go and report to Habsig stationed here. 101930 10193 3543
43 Habsig Creatures of the Ruins Use your methods to drive off the Blue Feather Harses. 101930 10193 3543 Enduring Belt ; Magebane Belt
43 Habsig True Danger Go and kill Giant Ruins Wolves for Habsig. 101930 10193 3543
43 Habsig Hurry Urge the mage, Aost, to craft the Strong Safety Rope 101930 10193 3543 Bulky Staff ; Farshot Longbow
43 Pafflor Real and Fake Use the Magic Pouch to absorb energy from Energy Stones. When it has enough energy, you can create a Fake Ancient Coin. 101930 10193 3543
43 Jaylin Uhar Wake-Up Potion Collect some Thornfan Grass Blades that can be used to make potions 101930 10193 3543
43 Bekadi Redeye Blood Offering Prepare Mushroom Blood Samples and Wolf Blood Samples to help with Shasmal's blood experiment. 101930 10193 3543 Call of the Frontline Belt ; Desperate Valor Leather Belt ; Conscripts Belt ; Killer Instinct Belt
43 Shasmal Under the Blood Ask Shasmal about the matter from start to finish 101930 10193 3543
43 Shasmal Hidden Message Take the Hidden Writing and give it to the Rune Scholar, Susha, in Faded Splendor 101930 10193 3543 Spinechopper Sword ; Gold Hammer of Destruction
43 Aost The Price Garnet Armored Beasts are to the right of the camp. The mage, Aost, wants you to pay him some Front Garnet Armored Beast Feet as compensation for bothering him. 101930 10193 3543
43 Aost Inauspicious Effect Help collect 10 Blood Spider Corpses 101930 10193 3543 Transient Gloves ; Adventurer Wrist Guards
43 Caruso Unearthed pot? Inquire about the circumstances when the pot was unearthed. 101930 10193 3543
43 Pafflor Investigation Suspicion Investigate the Suspicious Locations found all over the ruins. 101930 10193 3543 Wary Belt ; Belt of Extrication
44 Habsig Lock Find Hangla 113120 11312 3828
44 Hangla Stop the Ceremony Go to the giant statue in the center of Faded Splendor. Find the Black Market Merchant and bring back the Cursed Pot. 113120 11312 3828
44 Pafflor The Attack Go to the ruins and prepare the defenses to stop the Ancient Gargoyle attacks. 113120 11312 3828
44 Aost Seal Preparation Collect enough Corrosion Bags 113120 11312 3828
44 Aost Seal Protect Pafflor, Aost and Shasmal until the sealing is complete. 113120 11312 3828 Song of Sealing ; Poem of Sealing ; Medal of Sealing
44 Pafflor A Puzzle Find all Remaining Traces left behind after the attack and see if there are any Fragments related to this matter. 113120 11312 3828
44 Susha Painful Memory Read the text recorded by the Translated Writing 113120 11312 3828
44 Shasmal The Ruins are Speaking Listen to everyone's thoughts 113120 11312 3828 Enduring Soft Shoes ; Dream Ward Boots
44 Habsig Go to Issac Camp After visiting Seda Faar, take the Letter to Captain Issac Tobolin. 113120 11312 3828
45 Issac Tobolin Prepare the Medicinal Items Obtain 10 Demon Bloom Leaves from the Ancient Demon Blooms and give them to Deputy Captain Jeremiah Trunk. 129385 12938 3993 Towering Shoulder Armor ; Revolutionary Shoulder Pads ; Leader's Epaulet ; Metal Guard Shoulder Armor
45 Jeremiah Trunk A Rumor Bad for Morale Find out where the rumors started from. 129385 12938 3993 Issac's Axe ; Issac's Hammer
45 Jeremiah Trunk Rumors Stop at a Wiseman Ask everyone around the Arcurion Mines to find out if this is really happening. Find out the truth! 129385 12938 3993
45 Jeremiah Trunk Important Intelligence Take the information report prepared by Jeremiah Trunk and give it to Tilheim Finster. 129385 12938 3993 Silvershadow Robe ; Silvershadow Leather Jacket ; Silvershadow Chainmail ; Silvershadow Plate Armor
45 Yass Kano Annoying Bats Enter the mining pit to investigate. Kill 10 of the Arcurion Vampire Bats inside and bring back their Bat Wings! 129385 12938 3993
45 Yass Kano Kill the Giant Bat King Enter the Arcurion Mines and kill Psyloban! 129385 12938 3993
45 Hansen Miller Archeological Research Take the Archaeological Tool Bag and go to the Arcurion Mines to explore and see if there are any writings or relics left over from ancient times. 129385 12938 3993 Stone Will Cap ; Silver Gust Helmet ; Horsehide Crown ; Refined Chainmail Helmet
45 Hansen Miller A Sister's Necklace Use the Archaeological Tool Bag to find the Rune Scholar Sister's Necklace. 129385 12938 3993 Murmuring Bones Chainmail Pants ; Smile of the Dead Plate Pants ; Revelation Long Pants ; Boneless Leather Pants
45 Hansen Miller Thorough Research Take this ancient necklace and this file to Lilian Blue outside Static Lathrofea. 129385 12938 3993
45 Walter Kaylis A Most Urgent Matter Enter the mine and find the missing Phirius Merchant 129385 12938 3993
45 Bruce Len Emergency Rescue Look for the Rescue Merchant's method. 129385 12938 3993
45 Yass Kano Delivery in a Limited Time Go to the area between the Issac Camp and Faded Splendor, pick 1 Finis Flower and get 5 Lizard Tongues from Ruins Flashscale Lizards to make Finis Antidote... 129385 12938 3993
45 Yass Kano Live-Saving Medicine Make Bruce Len drink the antidote. 129385 12938 3993
45 Bruce Len Eye for an Eye Kill Arcurion Spiders... Bring back 8 Spider Eyes. 129385 12938 3993
45 Bruce Len A Sharp Eye Enter the Arcurion Mines and collect 10 pieces of Garnet Ore... 129385 12938 3993
45 Bruce Len Safe Arrival Safely transport the ore to Sonny White outside Static Lathrofea. 129385 12938 3993
46 Samantha Chupura's Doomsday Help Samantha kill 10 Scavenger Chupuras for revenge. 139627 13962 4135 Dogbutchers Pants ; Dogbutchers Chainmail Pants
46 Florian Robest Red Bear Hide Help Florian by going outside Robest to obtain 5 Red Bear Skins. 139627 13962 4135
46 Florian Delivery to the Door Take the Red Bear Skins to Pizik. 139627 13962 4135
46 Pizik Villagers without Motives Tell Colin Lotus about the strange feeling the villagers gave you. 139627 13962 4135
46 Tilheim Finster Loudmouthed Adventurer A certain adventurer accidentally discovered the secret of the villagers. You need to find out who he is and then tell this information to some people. 139627 13962 4135
47 Tilheim Finster The Way to Forget to Survive Obtain 5 Dark Red Mucus from Crimson Pukaris and give them to Norwick. 147357 14735 4213
47 Norwick Potion of Forgetfulness Pick 5 Hollow Leaves and give them to Norwick while he is making the Potion of Forgetfulness (quest item). 147357 14735 4213 Potion of Forgetfulness (quest item)
47 Tilheim Finster You forget names too, right?! Take the Potion of Forgetfulness (quest item) to give to Little John, Klaus, Reis, and Denton to drink. 147357 14735 4213
47 Nuken Kanlat Beautiful Skeleton Help Nuken Kanlat and go to Robest to collect 8 Strange Skeletal Remains. 147357 14735 4213 Reinforced Leather Pants ; Reinforced Plate Pants
48 Shin Heba Careless Loss of Treasure Help the supply transporter Shin Heba, find the 10 Garnets eaten by the Wailing Worms. 154995 15499 4397
48 Dirk Tiss Strict Deputy Captain Learn about the working conditions of the team members in the camp and participate personally. 154995 15499 4397
48 Adventurer's Band Silt Cleaner Clear Mud From The Lake Assist in clearing mud from the lake. 154995 15499 4397
48 Adventurers' Guild Stablehand Find Missing Horses Help the team member who tends to the horses find the missing horses. 154995 15499 4397
48 Adventurers' Guild Member Eliminating a Lurking Threat Help the team member get rid of the wild wolves outside the camp. 154995 15499 4397 Shadow Spy Cape ; Sentinel Cape ; Smoke Signal Fire
49 Alexi Lonely Lament Alexi wants you to eliminate the harpies around the camp. 166317 16631 4477 Wailing Wrap ; Wailing Gloves

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