Pure Moxa Extract

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ID#: 200340
Worth: 2,000Gold 
Maximum Stack Size: 999

This material can be obtained by: Extraction

This material can be obtained by Gathering from Moxa by those with a minimum Herbalism skill of 20.

This item comes from Moxa
Extraction (Refining)
Item par 029.png
Pure Moxa Extract
Worth: 2,000 Gold

Recipe - Pure Moxa Extract Recipe - Pure Moxa Extract
Requires Extraction level 20
Raw Materials:
Moxa Extract Moxa Extract ×6
Pure Moxa Extract Pure Moxa Extract ×1

For information on Gathering from Resource Node objects and where to find them, see Resource Nodes.

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Gather using Herbalism (20) from Moxa
Gathered Raw Material: Moxa Moxa
Refine using Extraction (20)
Refine 2 Moxa Moxa to make 1 Moxa Bundle Moxa Bundle
Refine 4 Moxa Bundle Moxa Bundle or 8 Moxa Moxa to make 1 Moxa Sap Moxa Sap
Refine 6 Moxa Sap Moxa Sap or 48 Moxa Moxa to make 1 Moxa Extract Moxa Extract
Refine 6 Moxa Extract Moxa Extract to make 1 Pure Moxa Extract Pure Moxa Extract

This recipe was added to the game in patch

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