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Category:Refining Skills

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Refininging is required to convert raw materials that you gather using your Gathering skills into production-ready materials that can be used as ingredients for Production skills. Each processing activity is governed by the corresponding gathering skill, and produces a very small increase, about 1% divided by your skill level, in that skill for each unit of processed material produced. Processing Skills do not have their own level. They are the level of the associated Gathering skill.

Extraction (Refining)

Extracts useful Bundles, Butters, Bouquets, Saps, Juices, and Extracts from collected herbs. Governed by your Herbalism skill level.

Requires Alchemy Tools

Smelting (Refining)

Smelts all kinds of ore into usable Sand, Nuggets, and Ingots for production. Governed by your Mining skill level.

Requires Blacksmithing Tools

Woodcrafting (Refining)

Cut wood into useful Timbers, Lumbers, and Planks for production. Governed by your Woodcutting skill level.

Requires Carpentry Tools


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