Problems Inside and Outside Fanger's Camp

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Public Quest
[+] Coast of Opportunity
 [+] Fanger's Makeshift Camp
  [41][Public] Problems Inside and Outside Fanger's Camp
Quest ID# 423967
This is a Bag Quest
Expansion: Ch.IV: Lands of Despair
Icon - Start Public Quest.png Start: Ethan Hollis (RW/Ggl) @ Fanger's Makeshift Camp (Coast of Opportunity)
Related Items:
Icon - End Public Quest.png End: Ethan Hollis (RW/Ggl) @ Fanger's Makeshift Camp
 XP: 28,621
 TP: 2,862
 Gold: 1,893Gold 
You will receive:
Lands of Despair

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter IV: Lands of Despair.

You need to be at least Level 39 to receive this quest.

You need to be at least Level 33 to turn-in this quest.

This quest becomes trivial above Level 99.

Public Quests are infinitely repeatable. Those in Coast of Opportunity and Xaviera reward XP, TP, Gold, and an Old Bag Old Bag (hence the common sobriquet, Bag Quests).

In all other zones they do not reward XP, TP or Gold, only Public Event Points Public Event Points. In all other aspects they are the same as a Daily Quest (except for the infinitely repeatable part and the rewards).
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You will learn some special skills. Master these skills to complete 10 Key Objectives. After the quest is complete, report to the camp's Garrison Leader - Ethan Hollis. If you lose a skill, you can abandon the quest and try again by re-accepting it from Ethan Hollis.

If your level meets the requirements for an Elite Skill, you can take the certificate required for learning that skill from the Old Bag Old Bag.

Need: Key Objective ×10

Find Ethan Hollis at Fanger's Makeshift Camp after the task is completed.

Each time you receive this quest the tasks, and the temporary skills you are granted, will change. The first time through, the tasks will be in the order presented. Afterwards, the sequence becomes random.

Completing the quest 6 times in a row will earn an increased experience reward.

Each phase can be identified by a named Effect that appears in your Effect Box.

Dedication[edit | edit source]

Emo threaten.png Even if the temporary camp is facing an enormous amount of defensive pressure, Deputy Captain Fanger is still dedicated to carrying out the mission given to him by the Ailic Captain. But the road to Xaviera is not obstacle-free...

This is probably easiest for a Tank, who can just hit everything and keep them on him and away from the delivery cart. The cart cannot take much damage so it is imperative you run them off, get them on you, or kill them as fast as possible.

Stand-Ins[edit | edit source]

Sp thi 005.png Because the makeshift camp lacks manpower, the Defending Adventurers are too tired to perform their duty. They need someone to take over temporarily and fight in their place, giving them time to rest!

Fanger's Retriever[edit | edit source]

Skill war12-1.png Deputy Captain Fanger has analyzed the current situation and believes that retrieving as many supplies as possible should be the first goal. You receive 1 Key Objective for the retrieval of each of the "Stolen Supplies. "

You need to recover 10 Plundered Supplies. Avoid, or use Eye of Wisdom Root Rune on, Restored Sub-Humans (they are Elite), but first you will need to kill any Still-Weakened Sub-Humans. The problem is that pulling a Still-Weakened Sub-Human seems to pull the entire camp. A camp is normally comprised of 2 Still-Weakened Sub-Humans and a single Restored Sub-Human. Each Plundered Supplies you loot gains you a Key Objective (and NOT a physical item).

What worked for me as a 41 Rogue/Priest was to Hide, creep up and Root the Restored Sub-Human, then quickly kill the 2 Still-Weakened Sub-Humans, grab the Plundered Supplies, and then run like hell (or Vanish).

For a 41 Priest/Scout, I would use the Sub-Human Disguise, then quickly root the Restored Sub-Human with Eye of Wisdom Root Rune, loot the Plundered Supplies, and run away. The timing is precise. Later I discovered you can just use the Sub-Human Disguise, then dash in and grab the Plundered Supplies, and run away.

Rescue the Deliverymen[edit | edit source]

Im ball03.png The deliverymen braved dangers returning supplies to Fanger's Old Camp. But during the transport they ran into some problems... Head quickly to Fanger's Old Camp! The deliverymen are hiding next to the bridge!

This is confidential[edit | edit source]

Skill mag9-2.png Among the supplies that the sub-humans stole are some important Eye of Wisdom files... Based on the special nature of these files, they won't ask the Silvershadow Association for help.
  • Detect Document - Detect any secret document rune signals in the nearby zone. The description says the casting time is 3 seconds, but it seems to be instant.

I have no idea what the target area is. The skill gives no indication of range, and the casting time is apparently wrong. I ran all over Quodate Plains and "detected" nothing. Saito says "The database says the skill range is 100' of the target mob/object" but does not name the mob/object." --Bludwyng (talk) 15:25, 3 September 2018 (UTC)