Plasma Arrow

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Plasma Arrow
Plasma Arrow Skill mag new50-6.png
Mage Mage Primary Only
Uses 15+ MPRange: 200
Casting Time: 2 Seconds
Causes 45.0 + 0.10 x INT Wind Damage and puts you in Charged state which in turn temporarily increases your Critical Magical Hit Rate by 20.0.
ClassMage Mage
TypePrimary Only
(see Mage Skills (Class-Specific))
TypeDirect Damage
Other Information
Elemental Effect TypeWind
Applied EffectCharged Charged
Database ID#491169

This skill should be used, at least once, early in your rotation as several skills depend on your possessing a Charged state Charged state:

It is worth noting that the only cooldown to this skill is the 1 Second Global Cooldown so, as long as your mana holds out, you can spam this skill.