Pirate Island (Quest Series)

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Pirate Island (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneAncient Kingdom of Rorazan
Rec. Levels81 to 92
Previous Dawn of War
Next The Spirits of Despair
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Armor Sets[edit | edit source]

Pirate Island (level 84, Ic Good)

Rewarded by quests in the Pirate Island quest series in Wailing Fjord. Each armor type has it's own set name but collectively we will refer to them as the Pirate Island set.

Proper Names

Source Quests

Old Forest (level 86, Ic Good)

Rewarded by quests in the Pirate Island quest series in Jungle of Hortek. Each armor type has it's own set name but collectively we will refer to them as the Old Forest set.

Proper Names

Source Quests

ARSE (level 88, Ic Good)

Rewarded by quests in the Pirate Island quest series in Salioca Basin (except as noted). Each armor type has it's own set name but collectively we will refer to them as the ARSE set.

Proper Names

Accessories are available and noted but are not members of the set.

Source Quests

While we are sure it was not intentional, we happened to notice that the first letter of the last word in each subset of this set spells out ARSE. I suppose we could just as well have called this the Composer set.

Kashaylan Set (level 91, Ic Good)

Rewarded by quests in the Pirate Island quest series in Kashaylan. Each armor type has it's own set name but collectively we will refer to them as the Kashaylan Set set.

Proper Names

While this set does have Accessory pieces named appropriately and with stats that are focused for the same roles as the sets, they are not truly set members and do not affect the item set bonuses.

Source Quests
Slot Plate & Chain Leather & Cloth
Head [92] Defensive Line (RW/Ggl) [92] Driving Them Back (RW/Ggl)
Shoulders [92] The Kashay Have Themselves an RV [92][Group 3] The Eagle King Tail Feather (RW/Ggl)
Upper Body [91] A New State of Energy (RW/Ggl)
Hands [92] Three Control Points [91] Unknown Energy (RW/Ggl)
Belt [92] Using the Opportunity (RW/Ggl) [92] Demon Under the Skin (RW/Ggl)
Lower Body [91] A Really Dirty Job (RW/Ggl)
Feet [91] Mortal Remains (RW/Ggl) [91] A Dirty Job (RW/Ggl)
Slot Physical Magical
Cape [92] Touching the Void (RW/Ggl) [92] Great Responsibility (RW/Ggl)
Ring [92] The Final Test (RW/Ggl) [92] Tanzila's Stone Statue (RW/Ggl)
Earring [92] A Question of Communication (RW/Ggl) [92] A Possible Attempt
Necklace [92] The Return

Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan[edit | edit source]

Front Line Alliance Camp[edit | edit source]

  1. Callaway Kalume
    1. [83] Hidden Danger - Talk to Callaway Kalume in Aren

Thunderhoof Hills[edit | edit source]

Aren Throne Room[edit | edit source]

  1. Callaway Kalume
    1. [83] Warning of the Divine Messenger - Talk to Jill Ayekin [Envoy of Balance]
    2. [83] The Best Choice - Look for Will Kanches in Tergothen Bay at Mr. Figg's Wine Glass in Kingdom of Lechif

Tergothen Bay[edit | edit source]

Kingdom of Lechif[edit | edit source]

  1. Toni Daniel [Innkeeper]
    1. [83] On the Rudder - Meet with Will Kanches in Lechif Harbor
  2. Will Kanches [Captain of Ailic's Pirates]
    1. [83] Weigh anchor, Ailic's Pirates! - Inform Timey Wopaits it is time to set sail for Wailing Fjord

Wailing Fjord[edit | edit source]

The ship encountered a mighty storm and you were washed ashore in Wailing Fjord.

  1. Timey Wopaits [Ailic's Pirates]
    1. [83] Rescue Mission - Rescue 5 Imprisoned Sailors
      • If you go deosil around the pirates, by the waters edge, you can get behind the cages while needing to kill a minimum of Sharptooth Scavengers. Mind, they will aggro through the cages so you are going to have to kill a few.
    2. [83] An Important Matter - Go to Primal Fang Camp and search for Will Kanches

Primal Fang Camp[edit | edit source]

  1. Willy Hoffman [Ailic's Pirates]
    1. [83] Will's Rescue - Go to Lake Noktus and rescue Will Kanches
  2. Will Kanches
    1. [83] Little or Nothing - Talk to Will Kanches back at Primal Fang Camp
    2. [83] Mysterious Visit - Talk to Nikola Barli
  3. Nikola Barli [Shotak Pirates]
    1. [83] The Three Leaders - Learn about the Shotak Pirates
  4. Will Kanches
    1. A Full Belly is the Best Medicine:
    2. [83] Fine Dining - Get a Ic Small Bellows from Chykin Leik, use the Ic Small Bellows on the fire and get Ic Skewer of Black-Tooth Mauler Meat (at 70% of baking, move and it will complete)
  5. Nikola Barli [Shotak Pirates]
    1. [83] Search the Thousand Cave Ridge - Talk to Will Kanches, then find Nikola Barli in Valley of One Thousand Stone Eyes

Valley of One Thousand Stone Eyes[edit | edit source]

  1. Nikola Barli [Shotak Pirates]
    1. [83] Guardian of Secrets - Get Ic Tiger-print Pelt x10 from Stone Claws within 5 minutes, and deliver them to Yimu [Scarlet Blaze Combatant]
  2. Will Kanches
    1. [83] First Negotiations - Negotiate with Lukawu the Negotiator
  3. Lukawu the Negotiator [Shotak Pirates]
    1. [83] Certain Standards - Kill 8 Sharptooth Bandits and 8 Furious Sharptooth Bashers
  4. Will Kanches
    1. [83] Below the Surface - Defeat Ellenpain Kuloka (83 Elite) and loot his Ic Treasure Hunt Invitation, then meet Will Kanches at the entrance of Muckgale Port

Muckgale Port[edit | edit source]

  1. Lukawu the Negotiator [Shotak Pirates]
    1. [83] Meeting in the Port of Muckgale - Meet with Five Finger Duke
  2. Five Finger Duke [Shotak Pirates]
    1. [84] Friendly Service - Buy Ic Moonshine Beer and Ic Blood Coral for Five Finger Duke
    2. [84] Visit on the Docks - Give Kooma "Quickfinger" the Ic Moonshine Beer, and give "Witch Woman" Bonn the Ic Blood Coral
  3. Scriptmaster Jann [Shotak Pirates]
    1. [84] Conditions for the Exchange - Ask Will Kanches for his opinion, then inform Scriptmaster Jann that the Ailic's Pirates agree
    2. [84] The Third Power - Bring Scriptmaster Jann Ic Fire Seal from "Witch Woman" Bonn, Ic Ice Seal from Kooma "Quickfinger", Ic Earth Seal from Five Finger Duke and Ic Ailic's Flag from Will Kanches to complete the contract
    3. [84] Traitor on the Run - Capture Traitor Diggly at Zindkar Sea Cave

Zindkar Sea Cave[edit | edit source]

  1. Traitor Diggly [Shotak Pirates]
    1. [84] Traitor's Regret - Rescue Chymin
  2. Chymin [Shotak Pirates]
    1. [84] Escape the Sharks - Get a Ic Cage Key from Zindkar Pirate Tyrants
    2. [84] Mysterious Spirit Herb - Get Ic Moon Grass x10 from Moon Grass
    3. [84] Continuation of the Journey - Give the Ic Letter from the Script Master to Will Kanches at Nanti Village

Nanti Village[edit | edit source]

  1. Will Kanches
    1. [85] Invitation - Get a Ic Strong Net (from Robust Net) and meet Will Kanches under the large tree north of Nanti Village
  2. Pirate from Kidd's Sons
    1. [85] The Secret of Kidd's Sons - Question Pirate from Kidd's Sons, then follow the clues to Ic Kidd's Secret Treasure
  3. Will Kanches
    1. [85] Enigma - Give the Ic Riddle to Lorsa at Nanti Village
  4. Lorsa
    1. [85] New Moon Flag - Get Ic Lenka Fang x10 from Lenka
  5. Paga
    1. [85] the Red Corsair - Talk to Paga
  6. Lorsa
    1. [85] Parallel Maneuver - Find Will Kanches just west of the Hulu Village
  7. Will Kanches
    1. [85] Engraved Stone Tablets - Search for the tablets in the Hulu Village: Ic Type I Stone Tablet, Ic Type II Stone Tablet and Ic Type III Stone Tablet from specific Relief Stone Tablets
    2. [85] A Complete Idol - Search around Wind's Tutelage for a Complete Idol and bring the Ic Intact Idol back to Nanti Village
  8. Lorsa
    1. [85] Artifact Restoration - Get Ic Short Wolf Hair x10 from Wolves
  9. Paga
    1. [85] Warning Stone - Get Ic Warning Stone from a Hulu Hunter and deliver it to Will Kanches
  10. Lorsa
    1. [85] Stories in Pictures - Listen to Lorsa
  11. Will Kanches
    1. [85] On Twisted Paths - Get Ic Fresh Snake Blood x5 from Zimian Vipers
    2. [85] Three Seals - Use the Ic Snake Blood Essence to break the seals and get the three items (perform the following 3 sub-quests)
    3. [85] The Place of Summoning - Go to the location of the summoning, collect Ic Demonic Resurrection Materials, and give them to Will Kanches
  12. Will Kanches
    1. [85] Summoning of the "New Moon" - Observe the scene
  13. Paga
    1. [85] The Tooth of the New Moon - Give the Ic New Moon Tooth xnormal to Will Kanches
  14. Will Kanches
    1. [85] Mistrust and Suspicion - Talk to Lorsa
  15. Lorsa
    1. [86] What Lies Ahead - Talk to Will Kanches
  16. Paga
    1. [86] Sign of the Creaking Wreck - Talk to Innkeeper of the Creaking Wreck in Jungle of Hortek

Jungle of Hortek[edit | edit source]

Sign of the Creaking Wreck[edit | edit source]

  1. Innkeeper of the Creaking Wreck
    1. [86] Mature Wine - Get Ic Wormbeard Grass x10 from Hortek Leeches hiding in Damp Mounds of Earth deep in the Fathomless Swamp
    2. [86] Gravekeeper - Give Ic Mature Wine to Gravekeeper Justin
  2. Gravekeeper Justin
    1. [86] Respect for the Dead - Clean 10 Mossy Gravestones
    2. [86] The Walking Dead - Talk to Will Kanches at Sign of the Creaking Wreck
  3. Will Kanches
    1. [86] Tree Plague - Investigate the Treeified Pirate
  4. Innkeeper of the Creaking Wreck
    1. [86] Yalitus the Eldest Water Spirit - Talk to Yalitus
  5. Yalitus [Eldest Water Spirit]
    1. [86] Degenerate Water Spirits - Kill 10 Unstable Water Spirits
    2. [86] Life Strikes Back - Question Yalitus
    3. [86] The Spirits' Loss - Get Ic Life Source Rune from Lagon the Deceiver
    4. [86] Has Anything Changed? - Talk to Will Kanches
  6. Will Kanches
    1. [86] Possible Clues - Question Tasinno the Treasure Hunter

Temporary Archaeological Camp[edit | edit source]

  1. Tasinno the Treasure Hunter
    1. [86] Don't Give Up - Talk to the poison expert, Govenna Pageni and collect clues to the Poison of Life
  2. Govenna Pageni [Scholar of Poisons]
    1. [86] The Poison of Life - Get Ic Newt Poison Gland x10 from Ruin Newts
    2. [86] Fighting Poison with Poison - Give the Ic Antidote to Kanafu
  3. Kanafu [Afflicted Travelling Researcher]
    1. [86] The Course of Things - Talk to Will Kanches
  4. Will Kanches
    1. [86] Access to Information - Find Thunderhoof Robert and ask him about other affected people
  5. Thunderhoof Robert
    1. [86] The Biggest Worry - Get Ic Runic Constraint Stone x5 from Scarlet Blaze Offering Bringers (Elite)
    2. [86] Seizing the Opportunity - Release 10 prisoners (including Mr. Figg) with the Ic Freedom Key
    3. [86] Scarlet Blaze Analysis - Take the Ic Scarlet Blaze Research Report to Tasinno the Treasure Hunter
  6. Tasinno the Treasure Hunter
    1. [86] One Thing Leads to Another - Talk to Tatakka
  7. Tatakka
    1. [87] Rainbow Stone - Ask Chief Wapawapa how to find the Ic Rainbow Stone

Xabu Village[edit | edit source]

  1. Wapawapa [Xabu Tribal Chief]
    1. [87] The Chief of the Xabu - Grab the Ic Rainbow Stone and kill the 3 Wild Crag Lizards that attack you
    2. [87] Return of the Hero - Go to the Xabu altar and complete the Ceremony of the Victorious Heroes
    3. [87] The Value of Life - Take the Ic Rainbow Stone to Tatakka to save Mr. Figg
  2. Tatakka
    1. [87] Curse, Holy Beast, Guardian - Take Ic Black Crystal to Zimazzi at Earth's Tutelage and ask how to lift the curse
  3. Zimazzi [Guardian of the Beast]
    1. [87] Holy Beast of the Earth - Take Ic Black Crystal to Papowaka, the Holy Beast of the Earth. When he goes mad and attacks, subdue him (to <50%) then use the Soul Balm temporary skill on him.
    2. [87] Tribal Treasure - Get Ic Rainbow Stone from Zamazzi and return it to Tatakka
  4. Mr. Figg [Black Sail Pirates]
    1. [87] Melancholy Mr. Figg - Talk to Will Kanches
  5. Will Kanches
    1. [87] Traditional Remedies - Get Ic Tapatapa Mountain Spring Water x5 from Spring Water Collection Points on the banks of the Gorge waterway
    2. [87] A Place to Pitch a Tent - Find a spot for Mr. Figg in Leorden Stronghold (talk to Lokko)

Leorden Stronghold[edit | edit source]

  1. Lokko
    1. [87] Paying One's Respects - Pay your respects to Leorden [Shotak Pirates]
  2. Maxwell
    1. [87] Interesting Medicine - Go to the tavern in Leorden Stronghold and use the Ic Odorless White Powder to spike the Drinking Glass of 3 Franko Pirates
      • "What you do not smell is called Iocaine Powder. It is odorless, tasteless, dissolves instantly in liquid and is one of the deadliest poisons known to Man."
    2. [87] Evicting the Franko Pirates - Kill 10 Swamp Guerrillas
  3. Will Kanches
    1. [87] Leorden and the Stronghold - Speak to Kaldon
  4. Kaldon [Ailic's Pirates]
    1. [87] Energy Brew - Get Ic Horned Beast Horn x5 from White-Horned Beasts and Blackhorn Beasts of Behemoth Peak
  5. Will Kanches
    1. [87] A Forbidding Situation - Warn Paga the Red Corsair
  6. Paga [Franko Pirates]
    1. [87] Insect Repellent - Get Ic Leaf of the Yaxin Plant x5
    2. [87] Sun Amulet - Ask Paga for news of the Ic Sun Amulet
  7. Will Kanches
    1. [87] Fulfilling a Wish - Inform Will Kanches that you are ready, observe the scene, then talk to Paga
    2. [87] Disappearance of the Small Hunter - Find the Pygmy Hunter
  8. Pygmy Hunter
    1. [87] Healing - Get Ic Medicinal Herb x5 from Greenwater Plant
    2. [87] The Pygmy Hunter's Revenge - Talk with the Pygmy Hunter
    3. [87] Revenge - Kill Captain Chuck and retrieve the Ic Left Solar Hemisphere
  9. Paga
    1. [87] Confiscation - Kill Hank and retrieve the Ic Right Solar Hemisphere
  10. Will Kanches
    1. [87] On the Heels of the Red Corsair - Go to Katalozzi's tent and follow Paga
    2. [87] Sun Core - Take the Ic Sun Core to Will Kanches
    3. [87] Splintered Sun - Take the Ic Left Solar Hemisphere, Ic Right Solar Hemisphere and Ic Sun Core to Tannard in Leorden Stronghold and ask him to reassemble the Ic Sun Amulet
  11. Tannard
    1. [87] Long Time, No See - Take the Ic Feast Brandy to Mr. Figg
  12. Mr. Figg
    1. [87] In the Interim... - Listen to Mr. Figg
  13. Will Kanches
    1. [87] Flown the Nest - Get the Ic Sun Amulet and Ic New Moon Tooth from Tannard
    2. [88] No Way Back - Go to the Pioneers Camp in Salioca Basin and meet Will Kanches there

Salioca Basin[edit | edit source]

Pioneers Camp[edit | edit source]

  1. Will Kanches
    1. [88] (C)overt Investigations - Make inquiries of 4 pirates
    2. [88] Covert Operation - Examine the scene of the accident (inspect the Unusual Dagger, a Franko Pirate Assassin appears and attacks you.)
    3. [88] There's No Other Way - Get Mark Alaine to tell the truth
  2. Mark Alaine [Shotak Pirates]
    1. [88] Here and No Further - Tell Will Kanches your decision and meet up with 'Anger Boots' Johnny
  3. Shotak Pirates
    1. [88] What a Farce! - Find Consul Kieth in a cave at the north end of the lake in Camp of Cleansing

Camp of Cleansing[edit | edit source]

  1. Consul Kieth [Kidd's Sons]
    1. [88] It Never Rains But It Pours - Find the Crucible in the Camp of Cleansing and remove the Ic Moon Jewel - Class 9 inside
    2. [88] The Rightful Owner - Get the Ic Invitation List from Ironfist Baul [Guardian of the Treasure]
    3. [88] The Consul's Letter of Reference - Return to Will Kanches at Pioneers Camp
  2. Will Kanches
    1. [88] Generous Rewards - Go to Genesis and give Ic Consul's Letter of Reference to Ghost Helmsman Charlie

Genesis[edit | edit source]

  1. Will Kanches
    1. [89] Finding the Source - Ask Ghost Helmsman Charlie for help in finding the member of Kidd's Sons who keeps the records (Scribe Richard)
  2. Ghost Helmsman Charlie [Kidd's Sons]
    1. [89] Torn Logbooks - Get Ic Tattered Logbook x10 from Black Eyed Kulang
    2. [89] Reading of the Past - Read the Ic Patched Paper Scraps
    3. [89] Where are you Hiding? - Find Chester in The Haze
    4. [89] Anxious Words - Kill 10 Shadow Manticores
    5. [89] Discovery in the Forest - Talk to Will Kanches
  3. Will Kanches
    1. [89] Making the Connection - Collect Ic Restoration Tool x10 from Restoration Tool scattered throughout the Genesis encampment

The Haze[edit | edit source]

  1. Wallois
    1. [89] Mechanism and Inscription - Repair 10 Destroyed Rune Mechanisms
  2. Will Kanches
    1. [89] Ancient Mindsets - Kill 10 Hazw Witches
    2. [89] The Star Key - Enter the transport circle and meet up with Will Kanches
    3. [89] Blocking the Path - Catch up with Paga and block her path before she enters the Jungle of Irunia
    4. [89] The Pick of the Bunch - Find Lewis at the Ailic's Pirate camp in Jungle of Irunia
    5. [89] Necromancy - Get Ic Blood Vine Sample x10 from Small Thorned Blood Vines
    6. [89] Control of the Parasite - Get Ic Uninfected Organism x5 from Uninfected Gulos
    7. [90] Fighting Poison with Poison - Take the Ic Red Medical Flask and the Ic Blue Medical Flask to Will Kanches at Walu Village

Walu Village[edit | edit source]

  1. Will Kanches
    1. [90] Desperation - Talk with Will Kanches
    2. [90] Tonic from the Water - Find a Ic Shattered Emerald Stone from Stone Gravel in the Emerald River
    3. [90] How Can We Defeat Him? - Take Ic Will's Letter and look for Banodi
  2. Shotak Pirate
    1. [90] The Bringer of Light - Use the Ic Will o' the Wisp and follow the path of the Emerald Rover to find Pirate from Kidd's Sons
  3. Pirate from Kidd's Sons
    1. [90] A Cry for Allies - Pledge your support to Kidd's Sons
    2. [90] Unauthorized Access - Give the Ic Will o' the Wisp to Will Kanches
  4. Will Kanches
    1. [90][Group 4] Sismond's Blockade - Find Sismond's Silhouette on the path to Kashaylan and destroy it
    2. [90] Final Problems - Listen to Will Kanches' plan
  5. Haydek [Ailic's Pirates]
    1. [91] Setting Off - Make ready to go, and talk to Haydek

Kashaylan[edit | edit source]

  1. Hedlin
    1. [91] The Mechanism - Listen to Hedlin
    2. [91] Three Control Points - Help Ginawei at Hovik's Camp, Cantabo Carter at Secret Camp, and Mag Neigh at Sabano's Camp
  2. Will Kanches
    1. [92] One Foot to the Grave - Speak to Wendell Jell for transport, then talk to Will Kanches to be transported to Balu Village
  3. To begin the next quest you must also complete Message to Everyone and Good News in the Kashaylan quest series. Be sure you have done them before you talk to Will Kanches!
    1. [92] A Question of Communication - Talk to any of the Balu Warriors and explain why you came. You will be transported to Zak Balu. Speak to him.
  4. Zak Balu [Balu Chief]
    1. [92] Access Denied - Inform Will Kanches of the Balu Chief's decision, then talk to Ludor Balu
      • Will is in the Balu Shaman's hut, in Balu Village, having his wounds tended to.
  5. Ludor Balu [Balu Shaman]
    1. [92] A Possible Attempt - Take the Ic Mint Leaves x5, given to you by Ludor Balu, to Fire's Tutelage and use the Flame Stone to make Ic Mint Grass Powder (high failure rate), then treat the Wounded Balu Warriors. If you run out of Ic Mint Leaf, go back to Balu Village and pick some more from Mint Leaf. You can pick some extra before you go to Fire's Tutelage (max stack size: 10).
    2. [92] Situation on the Battlefield - Talk to Zak Balu
  6. Zak Balu [Balu Chief]
    1. [92] Defensive Line - Use Ic Flame Runestone and light 5 Defensive Line Fire Pits between the crenelations on the walls
    2. [92] Driving Them Back - Kill 10 Skeleton Soldiers
  7. Will Kanches
    1. [92] The Principle of Reciprocity - Find Dan Louer in Balu Village, then get Ic Stone Tablet Fragment x5 from Stone Tablet Fragment in Revenant Wasteland
  8. Dan Louer [Ailic's Pirates]
    1. [92] Tanzila's Stone Statue - Take Ic Complete Stone tablet to Tanzila's statue and use the Stone Tablet Indentation, then talk to Will Kanches
      • You need to move when the cast time reaches roughly 50%
  9. Ludor Balu [Balu Shaman]
    1. [92] A Foot in the Door - Kill 6 Shadow Mages
    2. [92] The Final Test - Enter Kidd's Grave and meet Will Kanches
  10. Will Kanches
    1. [92] Burying Evil - Enter the portal, meet Will Kanches, and foil Sismond's plans (just watch the scene)
    2. [92] The Treasure at Long Last - Ask Kidd how to heal Paga, tell him you are ready and quickly harvest one of the 4 crystals
    3. [92] The Return - Take the Ic Gerador Report to Jill Ayekin [Envoy of Darkness] in the Sanctuary of Balance


Hovik's Camp[edit | edit source]

Sub-quests of Three Control Points

  1. Ginawei [Ailic's Pirates]
    1. [91] The Wondrous Swamp Water - Open the Ic Green Water Bottle and the Ic Black Water Battle
    2. [91] The Statue by Lightning falls - Take the Ic New Boot to Bosbert at the Lightning Falls
  2. Bosbert at Lightning Falls
    1. [91] Purifying Energy - Approach the statue and use the Ic Clear Water
    2. [91] Unknown Energy - Get Ic Putrid Fish Stomach x5 from Aggressive Swordtoothfish
    3. [91] Driving Force for the Mechanism - Take the Ic Research Materials back to Hovik's Camp and give them to Ginawei
  3. Ginawei [Ailic's Pirates]
    1. [91] A New State of Energy - Get Ic Energy Stone I from Morgan, Ic Energy Stone II from Bolieth, Ic Energy Stone III from Raphael, Ic Energy Stone IV from Kendell, and Ic Energy Stone V from Mariana, and take them to Bosbert
  4. Bosbert at Lightning Falls
    1. [91] Cleaning the Mechanism - Touch the Taren Mechanism, then drive off Sismond's Silhouette
    2. [91] Good News - Pass on the reports to Ginawei

Sabano's Camp[edit | edit source]

Sub-quests of Three Control Points

  1. Mag Neigh [Ailic's Pirates]
    1. [91] Fight for Survival - Rescue Duro Fleetfoot near Veiled Crypt of Kashaylan
  2. Duro Fleetfoot
    1. [91] Running Retreat - Get Ic Gold Leaf x10 from Gold Grass
  3. Mag Neigh [Ailic's Pirates]
    1. [91] Papowaka Stone Statue - Get Ic Stone of Earth, Ic Stone of Wind, Ic Stone of Fire, Ic Stone of Water, and Ic Vidal Energy Fragment Essence
    2. [91] Restoring the Statue's Magic Circle - Take the Ic Energy Stone Bag and supply the magic circle the required energy using the Energy Stone Tablet
      Restoring the Statue's Magic Circle - Skills.png
      • Click on the Energy Stone Tablet and you get a skill bar. Now watch how the color changes on the Energy Stone Tablet. You must then use the correct skill to bring the magic circle back on-line. If you fail, Mag Neigh is right there to give you a new Ic Energy Stone Bag.
        • Alt-1: Fire (reddish-orange)
        • Alt-2: Earth (yellow)
        • Alt-3: Wind (green)
        • Alt-4: Water (blue)
        • Alt-5: Voidal (blackish purple)
    3. Icon - Box of Shatterstar Ore.png  [91] Message to Everyone - Report success to Cantabo Carter (Secret Camp) and Ginawei (Hovik's Camp)

Secret Camp[edit | edit source]

Sub-quests of Three Control Points

  1. Tally Pursdon [Ailic's Pirates] at Hovik's Camp!
    1. [92] Secret Camp - Meet Cantabo Carter at the Secret Research Camp northeast of Firewind Canyon
  2. Cantabo Carter [Ailic's Pirates]
    1. [92] No Other Choice - Get Ic Stone Tablet of the Wind from Waziz Beia at Waziz's Camp
    2. [92] Touching the Void - Get Ic Voidal Steel Fragment x10 from Voidal Steel Debris in Firewind Canyon
    3. [92] Off to Vinci Smith - Give the Ic Stone Tablet of the Wind to Vinci Smith
    4. [92] Show Your Talents - Go to the Taren Stone Statue, have a look around, and kill 10 Harpies near the Restricted Area
    5. [92] Use the Opportunity - Go to the Taren Stone Statue, meet Vinci Smith and set up 3 Ic Maintenance Devices
    6. [92] The Final Step - Help Vinci Smith install the Ic Stone Tablet of the Wind
    7. [92] A Great Success - Give Cantabo Carter the Ic Research Protocol
    8. [92] Great Responsibility - Show the Ic Research Paper to Ginawei, Alice Gordon, and Gunnar Lauth