Pine Wood

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Worth: 10Gold 
Maximum Stack Size: 999

This material can be obtained by Gathering from Pine Wood by those with a minimum Woodcutting skill of 26.

This item comes from Pine Wood
Item lum 012.png
Pine Wood
Worth: 10 Gold

For information on Gathering from Resource Node objects and where to find them, see Resource Nodes.

Gather using Woodcutting (26) from Pine Wood
Gathered Raw Material: Pine Wood Pine Wood
Refine using Woodcrafting (26)
Refine 2 Pine Wood Pine Wood to make 1 Pine Timber Pine Timber
Refine 4 Pine Timber Pine Timber or 8 Pine Wood Pine Wood to make 1 Pine Lumber Pine Lumber
Refine 6 Pine Lumber Pine Lumber or 48 Pine Wood Pine Wood to make 1 Pine Plank Pine Plank
ItemMerchant ValueGuild Donation
Pine Wood Pine Wood10Gold 151
Pine Timber Pine Timber20Gold 1151.5
Pine Lumber Pine Lumber100Gold 1.25451.13
Pine Plank Pine Plank500Gold 1.041800.75
IdealPine Lumber Pine LumberPine Timber Pine Timber