Pine Lumber

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Worth: 100Gold 
Maximum Stack Size: 999
Related Quests:

Using the Planting skill, this item can be grown from the following seed(s):
Long Iron Stick Seed Long Iron Stick Seed (37)

This material can be obtained by: Woodcrafting

Item lum 012.png
Pine Lumber
Worth: 100 Gold
Right-click to disassemble into 6 Pine Wood.

For information on Gathering from Resource Node objects and where to find them, see Resource Nodes.

Gather using Woodcutting (26)
Gathered Raw Material: Pine Wood Pine Wood
Refine using Woodcrafting (26)
Refine 2 Pine Wood Pine Wood to make 1 Pine Timber Pine Timber
Refine 4 Pine Timber Pine Timber or 8 Pine Wood Pine Wood to make 1 Pine Lumber Pine Lumber
Refine 6 Pine Lumber Pine Lumber or 48 Pine Wood Pine Wood to make 1 Pine Plank Pine Plank