Phirius Tokens Shop changes

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Phirius Tokens Shop changes
18 April 2016

Dear Community,

As announced in our RoMmunity letter, there will be a new shop which is now ready to be launched. The new shop will bring various changes and we wanted to already give you a heads-up about one of them, which is that Phirius Tokens won’t be included anymore. Unfortunately, there was no technical solution to the performance and synchronization problems caused by the in-game currency. However, there is no need to worry – Phirius Tokens will still be an available currency in the game!

You might have wondered why our birthday festival was going on for quite a long time this year. That is because we delayed the launch of the new shop as long as necessary to ensure that this free-to-play option will still be available. We were considering different possible ways and in the end we opted for the easiest solution which is to put up special merchant NPCs. Runewaker has been briefed and we are waiting for the NPC configuration, which they plan to implement in the next patch.

Please be assured, that it is our main focus to keep your waiting time as short as possible!

Your RoM team