Phirius Shell

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This item comes from:

Icon - Phirius Shell.png
Phirius Shell
Not dropped on PK death
Quest Item
Cannot be sold
An ancient currency which the Phirius Workshops used to issue in Kolydia. Now all the Archaeologists in the big towns are looking for these ancient coins.
This item can be used after being exchanged and placed in the Currency List.
Right-click to exchange all the currency

(Maximum limit of this item: 1000)

How To Acquire[edit | edit source]

Currency for Tier 5 Level 98, 99, or 100 Rare gear from Phirius Workshop Archaeologists found in Varanas Central Plaza and Dalanis Old City District.

Received from Minigames, amount received varies from game to game:

Minigame Zone NPC Location Shells Rewarded
Ancient Treasure Hunt Kat Rojo
Ange Rasa
Varanas Central Plaza
Sascilia Steppes
30Phirius Shell 
Andor Training Range Kate Wesker Varanas Central Plaza 10Phirius Shell  to 30Phirius Shell 
score dependent
Goblin Mines
a.k.a. Goblins in Disguise
Mahler Palo Silverfall 50Phirius Shell 
Lyliya's Magic House Lyliya Varanas Central Plaza 50Phirius Shell 
Malatina's Course of Terror Malatina Varanas Central Plaza 50Phirius Shell 
Malatina's Survival Game Malatina Varanas Central Plaza 30Phirius Shell 
Snowflake Festival This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Snowflake Festival (December to January)
Relevant Topic: Secret Santa

Also comes from Phirius Shell Package (Large) Phirius Shell Package (Large), which has been seen from the Daily Loyalty Reward, and as a Secret Santa gift during the Snowflake Festival in 2018.

Where to Spend[edit | edit source]

These 4-piece armor sets can be purchased from Phirius Managers in Varanas Central Plaza and Dalanis Old City District for Phirius Shells Phirius Shells and some gold.

Some (generally level 99 or 100 with Set Bonuses) are sold by Honor Merchants in Obsidian Stronghold Mercenary Square of Dust Devil Canyon.

Level Armor Set Name Phirius Shells Honor Points
98 Mutation Phirius Shells Phirius Shells ×200
99 Mountain Pilgrim Phirius Shells Phirius Shells ×250 10,500Honor Points -16,000Honor Points 
100 Jadefang Phirius Shells Phirius Shells ×300 15,000Honor Points -20,000Honor Points