Phirius Potion Bag

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Maximum Stack Size: 99
Quest backpack02.png
Phirius Potion Bag
Not dropped on PK death
Cannot be sold
Opening this package will give you one of the gifts listed below:

1 Phirius Potion - Type A Phirius Potion - Type A,
1 Phirius Elixir - Type A Phirius Elixir - Type A,
1 Phirius Potion - Type B Phirius Potion - Type B,
1 Phirius Elixir - Type B Phirius Elixir - Type B,
1 Phirius Potion - Type C Phirius Potion - Type C or

1 Phirius Elixir - Type C Phirius Elixir - Type C.