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See Item Shop Items
Maximum Stack Size: 100
Sold by:

This item comes from:

Icon - Pet Crystal.png
Pet Crystal
Item Shop Item
Not dropped on PK death
Prepared Materials
Cannot be sold
It's a required item to synthesize a Zodiac Pet in its Newborn stage.
To synthesize a Newborn Zodiac Pet, place this item and the necessary amount of Star Sand with the same attribute into the fusion interface of the Arcane Transmutor.

See Zodiac Pet for full information on how to create/raise Zodiac Pets. A Pet Crystal Pet Crystal is required to make a Newborn Zodiac Pet. There are 12 different Zodiac Pets available, divided into 4 attribute groups.

There are two sources for these Pet Crystals Pet Crystals: Norah Kalesy (on the bridge at Varanas Gates) will sell you one, of your choice, for attribute Element ×100 where the attribute is the same as the attribute of the Pet Crystal Pet Crystal you want, or you can work the festivals to get gift boxes and hope you find a Pet Crystal Pet Crystal in one.

An example: During the Snowflake Festival you can get Andrew's Gift Box Andrew's Gift Box (and Fire Element Fire Element ×15) from Jack Shackleton for Goody-Goody Certificate Goody-Goody Certificate ×10, which MAY contain a Aries Pet Crystal Aries Pet Crystal, Leo Pet Crystal Leo Pet Crystal, or Sagittarius Pet Crystal Sagittarius Pet Crystal.

Pet Crystal - Earth  Earth:

Pet Crystal - Wind  Wind:

Pet Crystal - Fire  Fire:

Pet Crystal - Water  Water: