Patch 7.0.1 - Mirror World Update, Fairy Tale Event and Bugfixes

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Mirror World 9-19.jpg

Mirror World[edit | edit source]

Three new Mirror World instances have been added:

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Fairytale Festival[edit | edit source]

Fairytale Festival This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Fairytale Festival (August to September)

Once there was a traveling bard called Aylit. When passing through towns and villages he would tell his friends all kinds of interesting stories which happened on his journeys.

One day, he met Falbala, the beautiful but sad daughter of a nobleman. To make her smile, Aylit would often tell her some made-up stories, and he noticed that bit-by-bit they had an effect on the girl. Encouraged by Falbala, he began to tell the people all kinds of stories, and they spread and became very popular. The story-lines and their conclusions became topics the people discussed in their leisure time.

The Phirius merchants trade collections of these stories and each year choose a special subject to start a fairy tale event. To enter the city during that time would mean to be in the same fairy tale dreamland together with everyone else.

See Category:Fairytale Festival for complete information

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Bugfixes[edit | edit source]

Instance Vale of Rites

  • Boss#2 Nex ot Tasuq now correctly announces the color of "Deathly Mistrust" during the spell cast.
  • Boss#3 Kreyen now correctly warns the players before casting "Ice Thorns"
  • Boss#4 Marissha deals the expected amount of damage again with it's skill "Echo Explosion", not twice as much ; the damage values are back to the levels of version and were wrong in version
  • Boss#4 Marissha has it's enrage timer on hard mode increased to ~15 minutes from ~9 minutes before.

General[edit | edit source]