Patch 5.0.6 - Snowflake Festival

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Patch 2616
22 January 2013


Guild & House furniture item settings
Problem: After crafting a furniture item via recipe, resulting item are not bound to character any more.

  • Arena Fighter Model
  • Guardian of the Earth Model
  • Defender of the Jungle Model
  • Desert Rune Mechanism Model
  • Ancient Castle Juggler Decoration
  • Brown Bear Puppet Doll
  • Land Iron Guardian Ornament
  • Air Iron Guardian Ornament
  • Aslan Protector Ornament
  • Light Punisher Ornament
  • Gladiator Battle Axe Trophy
  • Guardian of the Earth's Might - Decoration
  • Grave Bug King Decoration
  • Puppet Master Chair
  • Mini Brown Bear Puppet Doll
  • No. 203 Vanquisher Trophy
  • Poison Alchemist Decoration
  • Dark Punisher's Disk Ornament
  • Light Punisher's Head - Ornament
  • Demon Spider Ornament
  • Thunder Demon Statue Lamp
  • Angry Spirit Statue Lamp
  • Shadow Punisher Component - Ornament

Use of normal char equipment in Arcanium Arena

  • Players are not able to rebuy their equipment via NPCs in the Arcanium Arena any more.
    • Trade NPC IDs in Arcanium Arena:
      • Liri Sekon
      • Ayry Sith
      • Dean Fhil
      • Lee Anjos

15 January 2013

The diamond-NPCs Cedric and Agnes were de-activated.

21 December 2012

The highest possible reduction of aggro is now capped at -90%

Patch 5.0.6 - Snowflake Festival
20 December 2012

New Content

  • Snowflake Festival
  • Update of the wedding system
  • Level-up oriented Battlefield (Arcanium Arena)

Mistakes/Bugs that were corrected


  • Soul Curtain <Rogue/Warlock>: Now having the Soul Curtain effect and using Vanish can remove Shadow Prison.
  • Spirit Guidance <Druid/Scout>: Now it can’t be cast on the instance Boss and the monsters that don’t have the Helpless skill.


  • Two level segments have been adjusted: 30-44 and 62-71. For story line quests, the formula how gold rewards will be calculated has been adjusted. These quests now yield a more reasonable amount of gold coins.
  • A Tentative Attempt: Now each fragment the player has can only be exchanged for the required quest item of the same amount (1 of 4).


  • Additional attribute of Spell XIV: the upper amount has been changed from 819 HP to 819 MP.
  • Sam Paresh in Varanas and Nabul Fulan in Obsidian Stronghold have now more planting items to sell.
  • The following new items can be purchased from Sam Paresh, Irrigation and Fertilizing items:
    • Dew
    • Pixie Spring Water
    • Heavenly Spring Water
    • Soil With Medium Amounts of Nutrients
    • Rejuvenation Soil
    • Pixie Soil
  • Seeds:
    • Flying Winter Seed
    • Pegasus Feather Seed
    • Angelwing Seed
    • Pixie Tree Seed
    • Split Wood Seed
    • Bridge Seed
    • Fire Dragon Nest Seed
    • Volcanic Stone Seed
    • Geocentric Stone Seed
  • Furniture:
    • Green Decorative Pot
    • Dream Pot
    • Glazed Engraved Pot
    • Freedom Wish Pot
    • Field Nomad Pot
    • Soaring Horizon Pot
    • Mottled Tile Pot
    • Deep Blue Sky Pot
    • Fragrant Wasteland Pot
  • The following new items can be purchased from Nabul Fulan, Irrigation and Fertilizing items:
    • Soil With Large Amounts of Nutrients
    • Life Spring Water
    • Celestial Dust
    • Starlight Spring Water
  • Seeds:
    • Stardust Seed
    • Tidal Seed
    • Orange Moon Seed
    • Lantern Seed
    • Dune Seed
    • Chime Seed
    • Lovemusk Seed
    • Aurora Seed
    • Needle Seed
    • Green Shine Seed
    • Sunbathed Seed
    • Echo Seed
  • Furniture:
    • Rose Flowerpot
    • Herb Flowerpot
    • Mentha Flowerpot
    • Classical Lightflare Goblet
    • Classical Cosmic Goblet
    • Classical Lunar Goblet
    • Green Plaid Brazier
    • Azure Plaid Brazier
    • Golden Plaid Brazier
    • Indigo Jade Goblet
    • Twilight Ruby Goblet
    • Olive Jade Goblet
  • Now the following items can’t be used in the Residence and Arena:
    • Snowflake Festival Hat Biscuit
    • Snowflake Festival Stocking Biscuit
    • Snowflake Festival Candy Cane
    • Snowflake Festival Heart Candy
    • Snowflake Festival Chocolate
    • Snowflake Festival Soft Candy
    • Snowflake Festival Lollipop
  • Adjustments to the additional attributes obtained in the instance - Kulech Bones Nest (Easy): The following equipment won’t get these additional attributes - Aid of the Remains IX, Cold of the Remains IX and Chill of the Remains IX anymore:
    • Murderous Mandible
    • Murderous Shoulder Armor
    • Murderous Chest Plate
    • Murderous War Boots
    • Light Devilsteel Helmet
    • Light Devilsteel Shoulder Guards
    • Light Devilsteel Armor
    • Light Devilsteel Leg Armor
    • Combat Helmet
    • Combat Shoulder Guards
    • Combat Armor
    • Combat Longboots
    • Soulless Helmet
    • Soulless Shoulder Guards
    • Soulless Armor
    • Soulless Longboots


Snowflake festival:

  • During the fight with the Frost Snowman King, when the Snowman King’s HP drops below 30%, the chance of casting any skill with HP restoring function has been changed from 20% to about 7%.
  • The cut scene showing the opening of the transport portal to Z358 has been deleted. (Previously it could be seen after the Frost Snowman King has been defeated.)
  • Starting from the Snowflake Festival 2012, Z358 will be a new festival area.
  • Now as long as the conditions are met, player can be transported between any 2 transport points in Coast of Opportunity and Xaviera. The transportation fee of different transport points have been changed to:
    • Coast of Opportunity: 250, 400, 1000 and 1800
    • Xaviera: 2200

Snowflake Festival Event Overview

  • Festival Activities conducted in Ystra Highlands, Howling Mountains, Thunderhoof Hills, Southern Janost Forest, Silverspring and Snowlands
  • Festival NPCs will be located at: Logar, Varanas, Silverspring, Harf Trade Post, Dalanis City
  • 12 Festival Events

Daily Quest Sled Fragment

  • Event type: find and collect
  • Start location: Varanas Bridge
  • Event location: Taborea
  • Event Target: find and collect Sled Fragments

Daily Quest Magical Stones

  • Event type: find and collect
  • Start location: Varanas Bridge
  • Event location: Howling Mountains
  • Event Target: find and collect Magical Stones

Daily Quest Reindeers

  • Event type: find and collect
  • Start location: Varanas Bridge
  • Event location: Ystra Highlands
  • Event Target: find and collect Reindeers

Decorating Snowflake Trees

  • Event type: deliver
  • Start location: Varanas Central Plaza, Dalanis City Entrance
  • Event location: Taborea
  • Event Target: deliver Items

Train Reindeer: Deer Feed: Mistletoe Plant, Norsa Grass, Winter Grass;;;

  • Event type: collect items
  • Start location: Dalanis Entrance
  • Event location: Thunderhoof Hills, Southern Janost Forest
  • Event Target: Collect Food for Reindeer

Snowflake Festival Gift

  • Event type: find and open gifts
  • Event location: Taborea
  • Event Target: find and open gifts to obtain rewards

Jingle Brothers Stuck

  • Event type: find and help NPCs
  • Start location: Logar, Siverfall, Harf Trading Post
  • Event location: Dorian’s Farm Silverspring
  • Event Target: find and help all Jingle Brothers

Bad Jingle Brothers

  • Event type: find and defeat
  • Start location: Taborea
  • Event location: Taborea
  • Event Target: find and defeat Bad Jingle Brothers

Goblin’s Bank Robbery

  • Event type: defeat Monster, help NPCs
  • Start location: Varanas
  • Event location: Varanas
  • Event Target: help the Bank Guards

Challenging Frost Snowman King

  • Event type: find and defeat
  • Start location: Ystra Highands
  • Event Location: Ystra Highlands
  • Event Target: find and defeat the Frost Giant

The Winter of Snowman

  • Event type: defeat
  • Start location: Ystra Highlands
  • Event Location: Ystra Highlands
  • Event Target: defeat the Stormforce Snowman

Exploring the Snowlands

  • Event type: Quests
  • Start location: Snowlands
  • Event Location: Snowlands
  • Event Target: fulfill Quests