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Patch 5.0.4 - Pumpkin Festival

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6 November 2012

the Andor Training Ground has been activated during this maintenance and is now available.

Patch 5.0.4 - Pumpkin Festival
30 October 2012

New Content

  • Pumpkin Festival
  • Small Event Instance (And or Training Range)
  • Skill balance for all class skills
  • Elite skills and quests for all classes at Lv70 (not available for Dwarfs yet)

Mistakes/Bugs that were corrected


Skill effect:

  • Enchanted Throw <Rogue/Mage>: Now it cannot be in effect when Poisonous is already active. The following has been added to the skill description: “This buff cannot be simultaneously in effect with Poisonous.”
  • Searing Light <Rogue/Knight>: Now it cannot be in effect when Poisonous is active.
  • Charged <Mage/Warlock>: The description reads now: Lightning flows around your body and raises the chance to inflict critical damage with magic attacks by 20 and wind damage.

Skill balance:

  • Meditation Path <Mage/Warrior>: Now it can’t be re-triggered within the next 15 seconds.
  • Charged Chop <Scout/Warden>: Now it is an instant spell, and the CD time has been changed from 7 to 15 seconds. It also gives a Knockdown effect when it hits the target.
  • Keen Attack <Warrior/Rogue>: Now when the skill strikes, the caster’s critical damage will be increased by 10%.
  • Thunder Sword <Warrior/Mage>: It is an instant spell now and can be cast while moving.
  • Redemption <Warrior/Druid>: Now when player uses Probing Attack, physical and magical accuracy for all party members in a range of 100 will be increased by 10 for 15 seconds.
  • Probing Attack <Warrior/Druid>: Now when player uses this skill to attack, friendly party members within a range of 100 enter a state of Redemption for 15 seconds.
  • Autoshot <Scout specific skill>: Now the damage dealt by Autoshot increased from 75% to 80%.
  • Snake Poison Arrow <Scout/Druid>: CD time changed from 6 to 15 seconds, increased DOT damage and effect duration. Also, when the target is affected by Vampire Arrow, the skill will definitely stun the target.
  • Wound Patch <Rogue/Warden>: The skill will also increase dodge rate by 20% for 6 seconds.
  • Rage Mana <Mage/Warrior>: The skill will also increase 10% to 30% magical damage.
  • Activate Mana <Mage/Warrior>: The skill will also reduce Aggro caused in the next 20 seconds by 10%.
  • Fire Rose <Mage/Scout>: The skill will also increase magical damage by 1% to 3.3%.

Accessory Item-Set Skills:

  • Adjustments to the following skill descriptions:
    • Essence of Herbs of Omnipotence <Accessory Item-Set Skills>: Extract the essence of a Herbs of Omnipotence to restore 2+ 4200 HP. (Consumes 1 Herbs of Omnipotence.)
    • Essence of Elemental Stone of Omnipotence <Accessory Item-Set Skills>: Extract the essence of an Elemental Stone of Omnipotence to restore 2+ 1500 MP. (Consumes 1 Elemental Stone of Omnipotence.)
    • Mysterious Herb Essence <Accessory Item-Set Skills>: Extract the essence of a Mysterious Herb to restore 2+ 7000 HP.(Consumes one Mysterious Herb)
    • Mysterious Magic Stone Essence < Accessory Item-Set Skills>: Extract the essence of a Mysterious Magic Stone to restore 2 + 1800 MP. (Consumes one Mysterious Magic Stone)

Elite skills:

  • NPC "Beacon of Regeneration": Elite Skills descriptions by the NPC have been updated


  • Adjusted usage restrictions of the following equipment:
    • Sarael’s Belief Helmet is no longer restricted to the knight.
    • The following items are no longer restricted to the priest and druid:
      • Holyspring Crown,
      • Holyspring War Coat,
      • Holyspring Leg Guards,
      • Holyspring Ring,
      • Holyspring Inscription Shoulder Guards.
    • Elemental Short Robe is no longer restricted to the mage.
    • Mello's Guile Hood is no longer restricted to the rogue.
    • Wanderer's Freedom Hat is no longer restricted to the scout.
    • The following items are no longer restricted to the warrior and warden:
      • Mercenary's Glory Helm
      • Mercenary's Formal Chainmail
      • Mercenary's Formal Trousers
      • Mercenary's Tongue Gloves
      • Mercenary's Combat Shoulder Protectors


  • A display problem with female elves holding a bow has been fixed. The fighting stance of dwarves holding a two-handed weapon has been slightly adjusted.
  • Guild Boss Furniture - Iron Guardian Ornament: The display error of the furniture base has been fixed. Now it is aligned with the ground.
  • Guild Boss Furniture - Light Punisher Ornament: Now the light effect of the item can be seen from any angle.
  • Stepping Mechanism <Rogue/Champion>: When Stepping Mechanism is cast, the health bar of Confusion Mechanism won’t appear anymore.
  • Infinite Spiral: Now the special refining effect will work properly during the power level upgrade process.
  • Silverspring, Dust Devil Canyon, Thunderhoof Hills and Fireboot Underground Fortress: Now the combatants can’t be seen on the maps or be found via World Search.
  • Silverspring, Dust Devil Canyon: Now the maps correctly indicate the locations of the Envoy Members.
  • Now the monsters that Ise Shekkat and Captain Gessart fight with will respawn every 2 seconds.
  • Now when player learns a new elite skill, he will also obtain the lower level elite skills which he didn’t learn before.


  • The guild contribution points for the following materials have been adjusted:
    • Tempered Olivine Ingot: 396 -> 1980
    • Refined Fastan Banyan Plank: 396 -> 1980
    • Pure Verbena Extract: 396 -> 1980
    • Tempered Purple Agate Crystal Ingot: 396 -> 2160
    • Refined Janost Cypress Plank: 396 -> 2160
    • Pure Nocturnal Lantern Grass Extract: 396 -> 2160
    • Tempered Mica Ingot: 396 -> 3024
    • Runic Olivine Ingot: 396 -> 15120
    • Exquisite Fastan Banyan Plank: 396 -> 15120
    • Verbena Essence: 396 -> 15120
    • Arcane Purple Agate Crystal Ingot: 396 -> 17280
    • Exquisite Janost Cypress Plank: 396 -> 17280
    • Nocturnal Lantern Grass Essence: 396 -> 17280
    • Arcane Mica Ingot: 396 -> 18144
  • Fireboot Warrior - Partner Egg, Fireboot Priest - Partner Egg: The preview can be displayed correctly now when they are placed in the Partner Bag.
  • Judgment of the Truth (Plate coat): The new attribute that it obtains during the power level upgrade has been changed from Dexterity to Stamina.
  • Gaze of Death (Leather coat): The new attribute that it obtains during the power level upgrade has been changed from Stamina to Dexterity.
  • The state of the following items has been changed from “Binds when picked up” to “won’t be bound”:
    • Fortune Grass
    • Golden Ear of Grain
    • Star Pearl
    • Magic Fortune Grass
    • Sunset Ear of Grain
    • Moonlight Pearl
    • Dread Essence
    • Nightmare Essence
    • Dauntless Core
    • Wisdom Core
    • Handcrafted Ruby
    • Teardrop Ruby


  • Earthsprings Village: Now when the quest NPCs Clinte Weiyer and Ayeke Puluh attack monsters, the player will no longer receive XP.
  • Pumpkin Festival event – Monster Parade: The event notification will be displayed only once in the Scrollbanner 10 minutes before the event start.