Obsidian Stronghold Crafting Square

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Obsidian Stronghold Crafting Square
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Zone Dust Devil Canyon
Expansion Ch.I: Rise of the Demon Lord
Quest Series Obsidian Stronghold
Location within Obsidian Stronghold


The following Service NPCs can be found within this POI. To find your way to one, simply use World Search and enter the name, then follow the arrow.

Crafting Stations:

Novice Instructors:

Legend Instructors: All four of the Production professions that use Crafting Chests can be found here. The others are in Varanas.

Supplies Merchants:

Epic Weapon Makers:

Monster Compendium Cards:


The Guild Castle Manager is not actually in the Crafting Square, but is in a side room between Crafting and Battle Squares (not far from the Disenchanter) in the north corner of the city.