Nolika's Research

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Daily Quest
[+] Crafting Festival
 [+] Nolika's Research
  [1][Event Daily] Nolika's Research
Icon - Start Daily Quest.png Start: Nolika (RW/Ggl) @ Varanas Central Plaza (Varanas)
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Icon - End Daily Quest.png End: Nolika (RW/Ggl) @ Varanas Central Plaza
 XP: 0
 TP: 0
 Gold: 0Gold 
You will receive:

Event Daily quests are repeatable, but only once per day unless a Festival Reset Ticket is used.

Get Southern Fern Southern Fern ×20 from monsters anywhere in Taborea, so long as they give you XP (blue or better), and Sticky Gum Sticky Gum ×5 from Broken Branch in Silverspring

It is doubtful you will get to do this quest daily, as the drop rate on the Southern Fern is abysmal no matter where you hunt or how many luck-enhancers you use.

Crafting Festival This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Crafting Festival (June)
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