Newt's Liquid

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[+] Howling Mountains
 [+] Moon Hills
  [7] Newt's Liquid
Expansion: Ch.I: Rise of the Demon Lord
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Justin @ Moon Hills (Howling Mountains)
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Icon - End Quest.png End: Justin
 XP: 132
 TP: 13
 Gold: 385Gold 
You will receive:

Quest Chain
  1. [7] Newt's Liquid
  2. [7] Investigate the Moongorge
  3. [7] The Moongorge Discovery
Rise of the Demon Lord

This page refers to content introduced at launch, with Chapter I: Rise of the Demon Lord.

You need to be at least Level 5 to receive this quest.


Obtain 5 samples of Newt Fluid and 5 samples of Shadow Newt Fluid for Justin.



Are you an adventurer? That's great! I am a researcher sent to Logar by the Eye of Wisdom. Can you help me collect Newt Fluid and Shadow Newt Fluid?

Even though the two have similar characteristics, the power within each is different. I believe that this power may be associated with the strange magic in the Moongorge ...
- Justin [Eye of Wisdom Researcher]


The Newts near the camp are just ordinary Newts. If you want to catch the Shadow Newts, you will have to go into the Moongorge


Hmm, just as I expected... This power is different from the power of the Ancient Kingdoms and the Runes that we have been researching...
- Justin [Eye of Wisdom Researcher]

Howling Mountains
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Moon Hills
Investigate the Moongorge
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