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Newbie Pet

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Newbie Pet
Race (MCT)Fairy (Humanoid)
LevelNon-Player Character
Mob Skills Novice Protection (RW/Ggl)
Race: Fairy

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To find this mob in-game, use BACKSPACE to open the World Search window, then enter Newbie Pet in the Search field and click "Search". Remember, the field is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown.

This Pet is gifted to all players who are less than level 10. It's presence grants you a Novice Protection aura which increases your Physical Defense. If you somehow lose it, you can re-summon it by using your Newbie Pet Egg Newbie Pet Egg.

It ceases to be useful when you reach level 31, and you can safely delete the Newbie Pet Egg Newbie Pet Egg. IF you gain a new class the Newbie Pet Egg Newbie Pet Egg will reappear in your bags until you reach 31.

As you level up,your Newbie Pet will remind you to open your newest Leveling Package, and, from levels 2 through 20, will suggest that someone of your new level should be hunting some specific monsters. The recommended monsters will differ depending on what zone you are currently in.

What to Hunt[edit | edit source]

Sascilia Steppes is not included in this. If you are in Sascilia Steppes when you level up, your Newbie Pet will remain silent.

Suggested Monsters by Zone
Level Zone
Howling Mountains (Human) Elven Island (Elf) Yrvandis Hollows (Dwarf) Silverspring
2 Wolf Cub
White Cave Rabbit
Rainbow Skipper
Filthy Cave Rat
3 Wolf Cub
Spotted Beetle
Rainbow Skipper
Abyss Blind Spider
4 Young Bear
Wolf Cub
Healthy Ent
Spotted Beetle
Gellis Beetle
5 Young Bear
Spore Guard
Spore Mage
Crystal Ratsnakee
6 Wilt-leaf Bat
Wild Spider
Whistle Lake Oil Frog
Whistle Lake Crab
Magic Rock Gamiter
7 Wilt-leaf Bat
Wild Spider
Whistle Lake Crab
Dust Ostrich
Foul Bat
8 Boar
Dead Tree Demon Spider
Hill Bear Cub
Weak Ent
Dark Energy Puppet
9 Kobold Miner
Kobold Scout
Sabinean Shaman
Burrow Cavy
Dark Energy Bug
Phantom Hunter
10 Wolf
Sabinean Shaman
Burrow Cavy
Dark Energy Guardian
11 go to Silverspring Wandering Carapace
Foul Orc Warrior
Cow Beetle
Black Boar
12 Dark Terror
Cursed Apparition
Grassland Hyena
Black Boar
13 go to Silverspring Kobold Marauder
Mangy Hog
14 Evil Farmhand from Maidge's Farm
Evil Servant from Maidge's Farm
15 Silvermane Hound
16 Kobold Shaman
Thorn Spider
17 Furious Bloodthirsty Wolf
Furious Mangy Hog
18 Carrion Spider
Copper Shell Beetle
19 Tagena Patrolman
Tegena Wanderer
20 Valley Scavenger
Valley Marauder