New Shop and Wheel of Destiny

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Update: New Shop and Wheel of Destiny
20 April 2016


After reading all your comments here on boards and on our Facebook page, we wanted to give you some further information about the new shop:

  • The new shop nearly contains the same items as before and the prices are still the same. We only removed a few outdated arcane gashas and we added the house energy, because a lot of you asked for it. :)
  • Equipment Preview - We try to consider your feedback whenever possible and we understand that this feature is relevant to you. That’s why we are working on making it available in the new shop as well. It will probably be implemented with the next patch.
  • We understand that there are things that bother you, but please keep in mind that it always takes some time to get used to changed things. Try to at least give the new shop a chance.
    • Nevertheless, we are open for your feedback and for suggestions how to improve the new shop. One of its advantages is that we can take care of a lot of things on our own, so in most cases we are not depending on support by Runewaker.
  • “The item shop is constantly popping up.” - This issue is probably caused by external add-ons, for which we cannot offer any support. A solution would be to deactivate or uninstall them until the creators will provide a new updated version. Please let us know if this issue is still appearing even without any add-ons installed.
  • Apparently there are a lot of things you don’t like about the new Wheel of Destiny. We gathered all your comments which contained constructive feedback and we are currently thinking about ways to revise the wheel accordingly.

We thank you all for your opinions, your feedback and your engagement. It’s great to see you all being active.

With regards,
Runes of Magic Team.