Nameless Port

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Nameless Port
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Zone Ravenfell
Expansion Ch.II: The Elven Prophecy
Resources Moon Orchid [RP], Straw Mushroom [RP], Yew Wood [RP], Green Thistle [RP], Mithril [RP], Mysticite [RP], Wizard-Iron Ore [RP]
Quest Series Ravenfell

Today, where Shahar the flourishing outpost of the Eye of Wisdom once nestled against the coast, there are now just ruins. After the town fell in battle to the Black Sail Pirates and the troops from Varanas went into retreat, it was then plundered by its conquerors. Since the pirates apparently had no need for their own harbor, they once again set sail for the open sea following the raid, leaving the burnt out town behind them. Quite soon the remaining continent’s inhabitants forgot the name Shahar and the one-time trading post became known as the Nameless Port.

Nowadays, the Nameless Port is home to a ragtag population. The streets are besieged by ruffians and in the absence of any proper administration, chaos and anarchy rules in the town. Everyone who lives here has a history of being a pirate, a thief, a robber or a hooligan. For this reason various bands have chosen this place from where to carry out their shady dealings and expand across the continent’s borders. They use the old harbor as a shipping point for their smuggled goods.

Yet the governors of Varanas are not entirely free of blame for this state of affairs. Once it became clear that the Nameless Port was lost forever, they ordered that all criminals should be exiled from Varanas and sent to Ravenfell.