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A NPC or Non-Player Character is an entity within a game that is not controlled by an active player and is programmed to do things such as perform certain actions, say certain things and other instances similar to this. The term is specific but can be extended to hostile or passive mobiles. The term, however, does not include all entities.

Within Runes of Magic[edit | edit source]

NPCs exist within Runes of Magic as the populace of Taborea and while a traditional example of a NPC might be a vendor, NPCs can be anything from quest-givers, to un-interact-able guards and general citizens of cities and towns. Many NPCs are given names, but equally, many are not.

Examples[edit | edit source]

An example of an NPC might be Bakejam. He is a biologist who stands outside the entrance to Varanas. When interacted with, he will display text depending on what position the player is on with regards to his individual quest-line. After the quest-line is completed however, he will always say the same thing to player. This is regardless of any actions of other NPCs or mobiles after completion of these quests. There will be far more code behind this NPC than, for example, a vendor in Varanas. The vendor (depending on whether there is related quests or instances) will always display the same text and options.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

NPCs will be programmed to react to an action by the player in a specific way. This can range from text, to movement or "cut-scenes." The actions of the NPC, as with the actions of any mobile as well, will always be the same given the same instance. However, when there is a malfunction in the coding of the game or a bug, the intended actions can be sporadic, different or even not occur at all.