Mystic Crystal Ball

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ID#: 202381
Reward From:
Quest pearl03.png
Mystic Crystal Ball
Quest Item
Cannot be sold
(You sense a strong power.)
(Right-click to use.)

When "used" this may summon a Vengeful Spirit, or it may give you a Berhu mount to ride for a time (Catch Berhu}}).

I targeted a Sea of Snow Berhu when I used this...

The crystal suddenly starts shining brightly! (and summons a Vengeful Spirit which attacked me AND the sea of Snow Berhu did, too)

Vengeful Spirit says, "I'm lonely here. Why don't you stay with me?" and attacks you.

When he "dies" (again) the Vengeful Spirit says, "You have rescued me from a never-ending nightmare. All this overwhelming hatred ... I don't know how to thank you, you are very brave!"

so we are really not sure if using this can summon a Berhu mount.