Morale of the Alliance

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[+] Sarlo
 [86][Regional Event] Morale of the Alliance
Expansion: Patch 6.0.0
Icon - Start Public Quest.png Start: (Sarlo)
You will receive:
Regional Event

This is a Regional Event. This means that it is infinitely-repeatable. Progress depends on successful completion of each step. All players in the region may participate and all contribute to task completion. If time expires without completion then it goes directly to the final or cooldown task before the event begins again. Rewards are given at the end of each phase dependent on participation.

Attacks from Zurhidon and the Guardians are getting violently stronger. The power of the dragons are also declining. The morale among Alliance is dropping down...

  1. Morale Return
  2. Morale Stabilization
    • Reset Timer: 2 minutes
Stub We have no clue what happens in the middle as you need a full zone of players to do this.