Moorlands of Farsitan (Quest Series)

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Moorlands of Farsitan (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneMoorlands of Farsitan
Rec. Levels96 to 97
Previous Splitwater Coast
Next Tasuq
See alsoQuest Series
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Buff Image Effects
Arduous Arduous received damage reduced by half
Takes twice as much damage to kill
Tenacious Tenacious increased hit points, defense and attack power
Takes more damage to kill, hits a little harder
Empower Empower damage increase
Hits you harder
Frenzy Frenzy attack speed increase
Hits you more often

Beginning with Tergothen Bay, mobs may have a ball of energy visible below, around or above their heads. This is the visual clue that they have a buff on them that makes them harder than the non-buffed mobs around them. The color of the ball tells you what buff is on the mob.

Only mobs that display one of these four buffs have a chance to drop a Mysterious Bag.

Double Your "Dailies", Double Your Drops! - On all, or very nearly all, of the Daily and Public quests that require Quest Drops from Mobs, if you have both repeatable quests in your Quest Journal at the same time the mobs will drop Double the items, cutting your harvesting time in half! This may be considered a bug or exploit by some, but I like to call it a feature.

See Category:Double Drop

Note: They were a bit slow to see it, but it seems the devs may have realized that they created an easy road and moved to stop it. Starting in Splitwater Coast very few NPCs give both a Daily and Public quest so the Double Drops are much fewer.

Multi-Zone Quest Series[edit | edit source]

Regional Events[edit | edit source]

Titles[edit | edit source]

All of the quests required for titles in this zone are part of The Spirits of Despair quest series

Zone Completion Title: Fanasa's Blessing

Armor Sets[edit | edit source]

Moorlands (level 96 Normal and Good)

Moorlands (Item Set)/Notes

Farsitan Set (level 96 Good)

Rewarded by quests in The Spirits of Despair quest series in Moorlands of Farsitan. Each armor type has it's own set name but collectively we will refer to them as the Farsitan Set.

Proper Names

The Accessories share naming and stats with their sets but do not count as set members for the purpose of Set Bonuses.

Source Quests

Accessories (no contribution to set bonuses):

Moorlands of Farsitan[edit | edit source]

Falcon Regiment Outpost[edit | edit source]

Feylulu Pularpos [Hawk of the Falcon Regiment]

  1. [96] The Organization of Evil - Kill 5 Secret Enforcers

Gubod Refugee Camp[edit | edit source]

Slalamarm [Gubod Refugee]

  1. [96] The Refugee Camp - Defeat 3 groups of Kobold invaders during event (if event ends, speak with Slalamarm to restart it)

Spectral Gate[edit | edit source]

Guoh Torchio

Freng Greng

Forsaken Swamps[edit | edit source]

Aidhar Luh

Shadis Manor[edit | edit source]

Marleta Bedkon

Ayma Greng [Handmaiden of the Shadis Family]

Layis Kyther [High Ranking Eye of Wisdom Mage] (see IMPORTANT note on NPC page)

Harkuna Nabin [Supply Manager]

Stay on the roads! Rough terrain will destroy the cart! All mobs, even non-aggressive ones, will attack the cart on sight. Keep them clear and keep moving. Watch for the wolf's head icon on your effects bar. If it reaches 30 stacks you fail. Delivery happens when you approach Ernhi Marthat. You do not need to talk to him except to collect your reward.

Sandhor[edit | edit source]

Nedhorn Goodgold

Bankbard Greataxe [Master Juice Maker]

On the Road near Sandhor and Sandalor[edit | edit source]

Dorma Copperdrum

Sandalor[edit | edit source]

Ballistar Woodshield [Sandalor Commander]

Warley Firepot

Dolha Bloodaxe [Sandalor Scout]

Turrap Smelter

Hillock Mudspade
unlocked by completing An Alliance is Born, the final quest in The Spirits of Despair quest series

Julia Jackson - on the bank of the river, just south of the path to Bottomless Mines

  • This young lady needs to be escorted home, but she does not say where her home is.
  • Her home is Akson Manor. Take her to the potion maker, Eypomi Lammoh. Speak to Eypomi and that should complete the escort.
    • Move in short bursts and kill anything that gets near, and she should stay with you. If you stand in one place a wolf's head icon (no label) appears on your effects bar. If this effect's stack reaches 30 her nervousness overcomes her and she returns to where she started. The counter on the wolf's head does not increase while you are fighting, just make sure no monster ever targets Julia. Non-aggressive mobs will not attack her.

Akson Manor[edit | edit source]

Eypomi Lammoh

Gosster Hantes

Heroica Fortress[edit | edit source]

A note about Grinding here. If you have a difference in levels between your classes such that your lower-level class cannot safely hunt here, there are 4 quests you can do. 2 of the 4 require hunting, but you do have a House Maid right here. Just do these 4, switching classes for each 4-quest turn-in, until you level out of this spot, or die of boredom.

Parthmori Parnniez

Caslin Amust

Luie Shioth

Qishee Longar

Prichi Akson [Master Mage of Heroica Fortress]
unlocked by completing The Demons Behind the Wall in The Spirits of Despair quest series

Tjesin Akson [Commander of Heroica Fortress]

Dorlisz Gernsbach

Mountain Temple[edit | edit source]

Raven Heart[edit | edit source]

Raven Heart is an Instanced Dungeon.

Baron Gelsor
unlocked by completing The Third and Final Material in The Spirits of Despair quest series

Troll Stronghold[edit | edit source]

Madro Troll Nest[edit | edit source]

Dolha Bloodaxe [Sandalor Scout] at Sandalor