Moon Jewel - Elven

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Moon Jewel - Elven
Item Shop Item
Not dropped on PK death
Refining Gem
Cannot be sold
This item can increase the power level of armor by +1. This improvement is 100% reliable up to (minimum power level) +1 after which there is a chance that the upgrade process will fail, causing the power level to drop. However, the armor will remain at least at (minimum power level) +1. The highest level which can be achieved is power level +6.

The character level requirement of the armor must not exceed level 100.

This item has a higher success rate than a Moon Jewel - Class VIII.

Perfect and First-Rate seem to be the same thing. These gems have no chance of failure.

Grades[edit | edit source]

Refining Gem Minimum
Power Level
Power Level
Item Shop
Moon Jewel - Elven Moon Jewel - Elven +1 +6 16Diamonds ($0.48) 
Advanced Moon Jewel - Elven Advanced Moon Jewel - Elven +7 +12 45Diamonds ($1.34) 
Enhanced Moon Jewel - Elven Enhanced Moon Jewel - Elven +13 +16 35Diamonds ($1.04) 
Tempered Moon Jewel - Elven Tempered Moon Jewel - Elven +17 +20 325Diamonds ($9.7) 
Infinite Moon Jewel - Elven +21 +26 325Diamonds ($9.7) * * Can be found in a Golden Moon Jewel Chest Golden Moon Jewel Chest