Moon Flower Seed

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Worth: 10Gold 
Planting (Other)
Icon - Moon Flower Seed.png
Moon Flower Seed
Requires Planting skill 1
Attribute: Wood
Worth: 10 Gold
Seed usable for planting Wood Plants.
A kind of rare seed that rots quickly when exposed to air. Planting it is the best way to preserve it.

Optimum Irrigation: 90%
Optimum Fertilization: 90%
Grow Time: 24 hours
Marking Ink Marking Ink
Transport Rune Transport Rune
Experience Potion Experience Potion
Skill Potion Skill Potion
God's Redemption Ticket God's Redemption Ticket
Basic Weapon Driller Basic Weapon Driller
Book of Experience Book of Experience
Pegasus Mount (7 Days)
10 Arcane Transmutor Charges 10 Arcane Transmutor Charges
Lesser Mount Speed Potion (7 Days) Lesser Mount Speed Potion (7 Days)
Daily Quest Ticket Daily Quest Ticket
Dimitar's Blessing Dimitar's Blessing

For more information, see Planting and Seeds. Quantities displayed for Products grown from this seed are the maximum possible (as reported by the "Planting Sheet" Android app and/or the PlantCare addon), not amount promised. Product names in bold-italic indicate bonus products only possible if your skill is at least 5 levels above that of the seed.

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Stub We assume this comes from a Festival event, or from a quest, but we do not know.