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Note: Use the "P" key to open the Monster Compendium.

The Monster Compendium is like a Trading Card Game Collector's Portfolio, where you can store cards you gain by killing a specific monster or by completing a specific quest.

If you are to believe his apprentices, the Great Wizard Vahtos was the author of the original Monster Compendium.

The Elder Kingdoms

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.

New Feature Attribute Upgrades with Monster Cards.jpg

With the release of The Elder Kingdoms the Monster Compendium cards have gained stat boosts, such as gains to dexterity or stamina! Now you have more reason than ever to gain, trade, and collect Monster Compendium Cards! And as if that were not enough good news, The Elder Kingdoms is adding 48 new monster cards bringing the total to more than 800!


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