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  • Patch 6.5.5 introduced Mirrorworld on March 17th, 2016.
  • Patch 7.0.2 totally changed the UI. All can be played every day but only 2 of them are free once each weekday, with four free once each weekend day. Additional attempts may be made but they will cost a Mirrorworld Ticket Mirrorworld Ticket (30Diamonds ($1.26) ).
  • Patch 7.1.1 added 3 new instances
Free Mirror Instances
Instance Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Dynamic Mirror Shrine Freex1 Freex1 Freex1
Steadfast Mirror Heart of the Ocean Freex1 Freex1
Mystical Mirror Water Cave Freex1 Freex1 Freex1
Dynamic Mirror Altar Freex1 Freex1
Steadfast Mirror Ruins Freex1 Freex1 Freex1
Mystical Mirror Tower Freex1 Freex1
Dynamic Mirror Caves Freex1
Steadfast Mirror Shrine Freex1 Freex1
Mystical Mirror Fortress Freex1 Freex1
Dynamic Mirrored Arcane Chamber Freex1 Freex1
Steadfast Mirror Lair Freex1 Freex1
Mystical Mirror Gallery Freex1 Freex1
Mirrorworld Instance UI
Thanks to your feedback in the forums and on Facebook, we've been able to improve this feature, and we're currently working with Runewaker on expanding the Mirrorworld with new creatures and instances. It's difficult to name a concrete date for release yet, but we have our eyes set on an August rollout. — from RoMmunity Letter II

Here are the basics:

  • Talk with Hagris Rya in Varanas Administration District to learn more about the Mirrorworld. Tell Hagris Rya you "wish to travel to Mirrorworld" to unlock the quests from Aylin Shina!
  • Players can exchange Mirror Shards Mirror Shards (droppd by all mobs in all Mirror instances) for rewards by talking to Forkas Garry [Mirrorworld Researcher].
  • All Mirrorworld instances are level 90 Solo. You must be at least level 90 to enter but you can do the access quests at 10.
  • From the moment you press the Transport button you have just 15 minutes, including the time it takes for you to zone in.
  • No matter where you are in the world when you enter a Mirror, you always exit at the same place; the square in the Administration District where the NPCs are. If you died, this is where your tombstone will be.
  • There are three attributes of the Mirrorworld; Dynamic, Steadfast, and Mystical. There will be two instances listed under each attribute each day, and you my run a total of three for each attribute. Not all Attributes are available every day it is open, and you can use the "Reset number of instance entries" button (bottom-left of the Mirrorworld UI) to reset your counter (costs 75Diamonds ($3.15) ).

There are two quests involved in Mirrorworld;

  1. [10] Memento to the Mirrorworld
  2. [10] The Mirrorworld Beckons

Both quests begin and end with Aylin Shina. Players need to finish the first quest to gain access to the Mirrorworld. The second gives you one of the first three Cenedrils.

Warning! it takes 3 days (minimum) to complete the first quest! You should do this as soon as possible so that, the next time Mirrorworld is open, you will be able to participate!

After unlocking, players will find a new button in the top left corner of the screen, next to the character picture. By clicking it, the Mirror World interface opens, presenting the current day with available instance groups (each will contain 2 instances and will have a separate entry counter). You may enter 3 instances of each attribute per day. Entry counters reset at midnight (Pacific time).

Mirrorworld Instances[edit | edit source]

There are currently 9 instances available. This will almost certainly increase in the future.

See Category:Mirror Instance (Zone Type) for a complete list.

Free Mirrorworld instances change each day. See the table at the top of this page.

Triad Dynamic Steadfast Mystical
Mirror Boss Source Mirror Boss Source Mirror Boss Source
1 Dynamic Mirror Shrine Liphisto Kalin Shrine Steadfast Mirror Heart of the Ocean Bendor Heart of the Ocean Mystical Mirror Water Cave Mersi Cave of the Water Dragon
2 Dynamic Mirror Altar Mayi Mystic Altar Steadfast Mirror Ruins Salo Origin Mystical Mirror Tower Wolin The Tower of Wailing Winds
3 Dynamic Mirror Caves Alis Barren Caves Steadfast Mirror Shrine Forensa Forsaken Abbey Mystical Mirror Fortress Shados Belathis Fortress
4 Dynamic Arcane Mirrored Chamber Shreck Arcane Chamber of Sathkur Steadfast Mirror Lair Moony Lair of the Demon Dragon Mystical Mirror Gallery Vestin zone name needed

Monsters[edit | edit source]

All trash mobs (3 per instance) will be level 93-94, Solo and aggressive. The boss will be level 95 and Crown Elite (but with low hitpoints for a boss, 750k to 1.6mil).

Mysterious Chests may appear in semi-random locations throughout all Mirror Instances. Click them three times to loot them the same as with a Mysterious Bag.

First Triad

Dynamic Mirror Shrine[edit | edit source]

Steadfast Mirror Heart of the Ocean[edit | edit source]

Mystical Mirror Water Cave[edit | edit source]

Second Triad

Dynamic Mirror Altar[edit | edit source]

Steadfast Mirror Ruins[edit | edit source]

Mystical Mirror Tower[edit | edit source]

Third Triad

Dynamic Mirror Caves[edit | edit source]

Steadfast Mirror Shrine[edit | edit source]

Mystical Mirror Fortress[edit | edit source]

Fourth Triad

Dynamic Arcane Mirrored Chamber[edit | edit source]

Steadfast Mirror Lair[edit | edit source]

Mystical Mirror Gallery[edit | edit source]

Fifth Triad Sixth Triad

When the boss of a Mirror zone dies, an exit portal will appear in his chamber.