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[House Maid]
Race (MCT)Human (Beast)
TypeHouse Maid
LevelNon-Player Character
LocationHowling Mountains / Logar

To find this mob in-game, use BACKSPACE to open the World Search window, then enter Meydo in the Search field and click "Search". Remember, the field is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown.

House Maids are found in at least one place in every Outdoor zone in the game. They give you worldwide access to your Residence and Bank Box, and allow you to change your Primary and Secondary Classes. They can also sell basic decorative Furniture items to make your Residence a home.

All House Maids offer the same 6 options for your declaration of purpose:

  • "I want to enter my house" - enter your residence
  • "I want to buy furniture" - see table, below
  • "I want to switch my primary and secondary class." - change your classes
  • "I want to visit another player's house" - enter a friend's residence
  • "I want to open my bank box" - open your bank storage
  • "What's a house?"

Furniture For-sale by House Maids

Item Price
Wooden Round Table 3,000Gold 
Short Legged Wooden Table 5,100Gold 
Engraved Wooden Table 6,900Gold 
Small Stool 300Gold 
Wooden Footstool Chair 600Gold 
Pointed Back Wooden Chair 900Gold 
Comfortable Wooden Chair 1,500Gold 
Violet Sofa 2,100Gold 
Wooden Double Bed 1,200Gold 
Engraved Wooden Bed 4,000Gold 
Item Price
Three-level Wooden Storage Rack 600Gold 
Three-layer Wooden Chair Cabinet 600Gold 
Four-later Rectangular Storage Cabinet 600Gold 
Short-legged Cabinet with Armrests 800Gold 
Five-layer Wooden Dresser Drawers 800Gold 
Spider Silk Book Cabinet 100Gold 
Magnificent Five-layer Wood Cabinet 1,200Gold 
Night Stand 1,400Gold 
Screen of Elven Lands 2,000Gold 
Stone Bathtub 2,400Gold 
Item Price
Bear Head Trophy 1,600Gold 
Small Table Lamp 3,600Gold 
Three-handle Candleholder 4,800Gold 
Hourglass 2,400Gold 
Square Red Carpet 2,000Gold 
Square Yellow Carpet 3,000Gold 
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The above furniture is decorative only and does not provide any XP, TP, or crafting bonuses.