Merdhin Tundra (Quest Series)

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Merdhin Tundra (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneMerdhin Tundra
Rec. Levels76 to 78
Previous Chrysalia
Next Syrbal Pass
See alsoQuest Series
Fires of Shadowforge

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter V: Fires of Shadowforge.

Beginning with Tergothen Bay, mobs may have a ball of energy visible below, around or above their heads. This is the visual clue that they have a buff on them that makes them harder than the unmarked mobs around them. The color of the ball tells you what effect is on the mob.

Only mobs that display one of these four effects have a chance to drop a Mysterious Bag.

Effect In-game Description/Effects XP/TP
Arduous Arduous Arduous received damage reduced by half
Takes half incoming damage
Empower Empower Empower damage increase
Hits you harder
Frenzy Frenzy Frenzy attack speed increase
Hits you more often
Tenacious Tenacious Tenacious increased hit points
Takes more damage to kill, hits a little harder
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Armor Sets[edit | edit source]

Tundra (level 76)

Rewarded by quests in the Clash of Good and Evil quest series (except as noted) in Merdhin Tundra. Each armor type has it's own set name but collectively we will refer to them as the Tundra set.

Proper Names

Source Quests

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Foreign/Earth Flow (level 79)

Rewarded by quests in the Clash of Good and Evil quest series in Merdhin Tundra. Each armor type has it's own set name but collectively we will refer to them as the Foreign Earth Flow set.

Proper Names

Source Quests

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Multi-Zone Quest Series[edit | edit source]

Regional Events[edit | edit source]

Titles[edit | edit source]

Zone Completion Title: ??? - Complete all of the above titles.

Salvond Hills[edit | edit source]


  1. Order of Dark Glory Knight [Alliance Warrior]
  2. Cedon Bolund

Four-Leaf Clover

Kentiaru Production Plant[edit | edit source]

Matty Coppernlo [Fireboot Vanguard]

  1. [76] Against the Punishers I - Kill 10 Guardian Punishers
  2. [76] Against the Punishers II - Kill 3 Blocking Punishers (Elite)
  3. Repeatables:

Audrey Kalon [Eye of Wisdom]

Soyar Lake[edit | edit source]

Aren Ironhammer [Front Line Commander]

Wollie Wesst [Ailic's Researcher] • Dirk Grether [Ailic's Researcher]

  1. [76] Missing people? - Find Dirk Grether (in Korum Dome) and bring him home (carrying his shield or on it)
  2. [76] Rapid Drop in Temperature - Get Fire Fog Solution ×10 from Korum Craftsmen
  3. [76] Body Warmth - Take a bowl of Special Hot Soup to Dirk Gerther recovering in Borapha Camp
  4. [76] Causes and Effects - Speak with Dirk Grether and learn what happened
  5. [76] Tundra Crystals - Get Ice Matter Ice Matter ×5 from Ice Matter in Korum Dome

Shio Rasman

Trample Monster [Guide] • Yakrumen [Former Royal Family]

  1. [76] Meeting the Former King - Enter the tunel (portal), then meet the former king, Yakrumen

Borapha Camp[edit | edit source]

Charles Coppertooth

unlocked by Echo's Resonance in the Clash of Good and Evil quest series

Kaluga Grove[edit | edit source]

Midnight Whispers[edit | edit source]

Kabanoah [Heart of Nature]

Bosola [Heart of Nature]

  1. [76] Burying Small Energy - Plant 5 Seeds of Joy in the Abundance of Soil
  2. [77] Fragments of the Heart - Obtain Filthy Fragments Filthy Fragments ×5 from Frenzied Form, Gutai's Wrath, Gutai's Doubt, or Gutai's Dread
  3. [77] Fire Cleaning - Take the Filthy Fragments Filthy Fragments and Seed of Cleanliness and throw them into the Brazier Cleaner next to Basola

Ortiano [Heart of Nature]

Olotia [Heart of Nature] • Fitchertia [Heart of Nature]

  1. [76] Holy Tree Fruit - Get Balloon Monster Remains Balloon Monster Remains from Gutai Defensive Balloon Monster
  2. [77] Predecessor's Wisdom - Get Restoration Grass ×10
  3. [77] Waking from a Coma - Heal 3 Stunned Elves
A note about Holy Tree Fruit Holy Tree Fruit: This item is required for a number of quests in this series, as well as Clash of Good and Evil. You will need at least Holy Tree Fruit Holy Tree Fruit ×7 to do all of the quests that require one at least once, including:

Panos Plannt [Ailic's Researcher]


Neefulham [Heart of Nature]

Hewagmil [Heart of Nature]

  1. [76] Return the Frenzy to Nothingness - Kill 10 ferocious animals (aggressive Beasts such as Wailing Mad Birds and Raging Bears)
  2. [77] Ancient Tricks - Get Note on Bear-Fighting Tactics ×10 after fighting a Raging Bear or a Kaluga Brown Bear

Aliess [Heart of Nature]

Casboger [Heart of Nature]
unlocked by The Usefulness of Herbal Knowledge in the Clash of Good and Evil quest series

Talier Heights[edit | edit source]

Cadoon[edit | edit source]

Weybott Stohan [First Lieutenant]

  1. [77] Eat Well to Get Well I - Get Armored Beast Tripe Armored Beast Tripe ×10 from Sugon Armored Beasts
  2. [77] Eat Well to Get Well II - Get Sugon Armored Beast Egg Sugon Armored Beast Egg ×10 from Sugon Armored Beast Egg
  3. Repeatables:

Lyon Harrison

  1. [77] Calling - Get Hot Meat Soup Hot Meat Soup with the help of Morfe Hasking
  2. [77] Emergency Meat Soup - Deliver the Hot Meat Soup Hot Meat Soup to Claire Soho in Upper Cadoon
  3. [77] Blind Woman's Gift - Pick Tundra Iris Tundra Iris ×10 from Tundra Iris and place them on the Tombstone

Rutoto Scorpionleg

Robb Stanson

  1. [77] Transportation Device - Activate the 4 Energy Stabilizing Devices around the village
  2. [77] Assist in the Transportation Process - Step onto the transportation platform. the moment you do, you are randomly transported to a very unfriendly place:
  3. Repeatables:

Lakejodd [Medical Captain]
unlocked by Little Effort in the Clash of Good and Evil quest series

  1. [77] The Seed of Healing - Using the Empty Pail Empty Pail to collect from Clear Water, get Mountain Water Mountain Water ×5 (one at a time) from the pool in Cadoon.
  2. [77] Treat the Wounded - Use the Healing Potion Healing Potion to treat 10 wounded soldiers
  3. Repeatables:

The following quests are unlocked by Do Well and Have Well in the Clash of Good and Evil quest series

Tigen Sila [Cadoon Village Chief]

  1. [77] The Legend of the Time Curse - Learn about Cadoon's past from Tigen Sila
  2. [77][Group] Last Orders - Defeat Salingdon inside the Castle of Bedim

Guen Lackspen
This pair of triads is your best bet for death-free grinding. Just watch out for that one roaming Kladoren Tracker by the Sugon Plains Grass.

  1. [77] Take Care of the Deer - Use the Seed of Healing Seed of Healing to heal 5 Tame Deer and use the Feed Feed to feed 5 Tame Deer (click on the Wooden Box to put the Feed Feed in it)
  2. [77] Forage Harvest - Get Merdhin Grass Merdhin Grass ×15 from Sugon Plains Grass
  3. Repeatables:

Fannya Banoule

Casey Morriten
unlocked by Emergency Defense in the Clash of Good and Evil quest series

  1. [77] A New Alliance? - Use the Energy Influx Device to charge 10 Rune Detection Devices
    • You must use the Energy Influx Device, and then click on the Rune Detection Device while the swirling blue energy is active around you. If you are too fast the energy buildup in your body will be insufficient to the task, and if you are too slow the energy will expire before you are done. A quick 2-count between activating the Energy Influx Device and starting the recharge of the Rune Detection Device should be about right.
  2. [77] Strengthening the Defense Line - Use the Supreme B-Phase Ray Regulation Device Supreme B-Phase Ray Regulation Device on 10 Cadoon guards

Castle of Bedim[edit | edit source]

Roger CelleighAndre Hepson (outside the castle)

  1. [77] Important Item - Bring back a Holy Tree Fruit Holy Tree Fruit
  2. (optional) [77] Stabilize the Barrier - At 8 places, use the Barrier Device Stabilizer
  3. [77] Consolidation of the Defense Line - Kill 7 Kladoren Tracker and 7 Kladoren Explorer
  4. Repeat #1:
  5. Repeat #2:

Sair's Illusion

Pahvalosa[edit | edit source]

There are 4 items you will want to add to your hotbar as soon as you get them. You will need them for the indicated group of quests.

Even if you have all the quests and items, the items will vanish if you leave Merdhin Tundra for any reason (even to enter your residence in Cadoon). If you do, you will need to abandon the quests and restart them to get the quest items you need.

Hyferd [Fellowship of the Holy Stone Instructor]

Tyda Leachy [Ailic's Researcher]

John Hyker [Dark Glory Elite Raider]

Vedanis [Holy Stone Instructor]

Harmony Vine in need of repair

Celonia [Holy Stone Instructor]

Lygan Peaks[edit | edit source]

Anomaly Observation Camp[edit | edit source]

Holly Lloyd

Mo'k Paybo

  1. [77] Poisonous Cemetery Grass - Gather Poisonous Sparrow Grass ×10 from Poisonous Sparrow Grass
  2. [77] Summon Ancient Spirits - Participate in the summoning, then speak to Holly Lloyd back at the camp
  3. [77] The Truth of Failure - Strike Neelo Blandon with Holly's Short Defense Staff
  4. [77] Recalling Home - Tell Mo'k Paybo the truth
  5. [77] Remembered Taste - Find General Merchant Glorus Shapp, and get the Sweet Pear ×5 that Mo'k Paybo ordered