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This summarized page lists in-game items or topics best summed up with a single wiki article. This is so we can avoid making dozens of pages all dealing with slight variations of the same thing. If they are created at all, the individual pages should all redirect here.

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Planting (Other)
Icon - Plant Protection.png
Plant Protection
Item Shop Item
Not dropped on PK death
Requires Planting skill 1
Cannot be sold
Makes a plant healthy. Use to increase its health by __%.
Use to increase the plant's health. Please drag to planting interface and select magic irrigation to use.
Item Cost Health
Low-Class Plant Protection Low-Class Plant Protection 180Phirius Token Coins  5% Random reward from most Festivals
Medium-Class Plant Protection Medium-Class Plant Protection 180Phirius Token Coins  10% Contained in Heroic Planting Package Heroic Planting Package
High-Class Plant Protection High-Class Plant Protection 380Phirius Token Coins  25% Contained in Heroic Planting Package Heroic Planting Package
Superior Plant Protection Superior Plant Protection 50% Contained in Planting Legends Bag Planting Legends Bag

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