Malatina's Course of Terror

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File:Map - Malatina's Course of Terror.jpg
Map of Malatina's Course of Terror


Zone Information
Continent Candara
Type Minigame
Level Range 42
Connecting Zones Varanas (Varanas Central Plaza)
Quests Mobs Loot Objects

Talk to Malatina [Strange Clown] in Varanas Central Plaza (once per day).

Cost to Enter: 30Phirius Token Coins 

Ghost Cards Ghost Cards can be exchanged for a title or a curse scroll.

This is a strategy game. Take a moment to examine the pattern of seals in the room and plot a course to the exit gate before you activate the first seal.

  • Seal (Giant Vine): Becomes a Wild Giant Vine. Hack at it to get a few branches, then click on the branches to start a fire and burn it all down.
  • Seal (Giant's Iron Barricade): Activates on approach. Impregnable to anything but Heavy Artillery Vehicle.
  • Seal (Heavy Artillery Vehicle): Click on the seal to summon the Heavy Artillery Vehicle, then click on the Heavy Artillery Vehicle, then target the barrier to be destroyed, then use the Alt-1 skill to fire the cannon. NOTE: It does have a max range: 2 over and 4 away is too far.
  • Seal (Void Summoning Barrier): Summons Clown Spirit which attacks you. Kill it and attack the Barrier before the Clown Spirit respawns to destroy the Barrier. You can also use the Heavy Artillery Vehicle to destroy it with the Clown Spirit still inside.
  • Seal (Mysterious Magic Stone Gate): Enter this to port back to the start of the puzzle. IF a Clown Spirit is chasing you it destroys him and extends his respawn timer!
  • Seal (Treasure Key): Click to collect a key!

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Malatina's Course of Terror